January 24, 2006

Bellafonte and Wolf Blitzer

Of course, there's a rampant effort to completely dismiss Harry Belafonte as some inconsequential lunatic for his recent statements.

I think he's one of the most courageous and honest figures who have emerged in a long time.

Listening to him with Wolf Blitzer you realize just how conditioned we've been to blindly accept lies and reject the plain truth. Belafonte is a man who bases his views on reality, not ideology, and that is simply a shock to many. You may differ with his views of morality, or not, but the fact remains that he sees the whole picture clearly and doesn't buy the line of crap we're constantly fed in any way, shape, or form. That fact alone makes his views refreshing, if for no other reason than we are rarely allowed to be exposed to such views in the major media.

You can view Wolf's interview with Bellafonte, in which Blitzer came off as a boob when trying to echo the right wing's attempt to focus on taking a couple of Bellefonte's quotes and challenge them as if they were said in a strictly literal sense. This of course, ignores Bellafonte's larger message, that as far as moral equivelence, Bush can not claim to be any more moral or less immoral than bin Laden or the terrorists.

You can view the exchange courtesy of Crooks & Liars here.

Your thoughts?


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