January 23, 2006

Gubenatorial candidate Eisendrath running web ad

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Edwin Eisendrath unveiled a new political ad on his campaign's Web site today.

The advertisement will run only on the Internet.

It portrays a group of political insiders playing golf and discussing how they have benefited from Governor Rod Blagojevich's first term in office.

A phone message left today with a Blagojevich spokeswoman was not immediately returned.

Eisendrath spokeswoman Monica Teague says the ad is a reflection of the complaints that Illinois voters have expressed to Eisendrath during recent trips around the state.

Eisendrath's campaign is encouraging supporters to send the ad's Web site link to their friends and family.
The web ad can be viewed on Eisendrath's site here. What do you think? Would it be effective if they ran it on air?

Story from WQAD.


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