December 12, 2005

Everyone can keep their shirts on, Boland files for 71st

No real surprises. It's official. Mike Boland has filed his petitions for 71st District state rep. No treasurer race for Mike. All those who thought he may jump and thus open up a race for his seat can now resume normal activities.

Steve Haring has filed to run in the 71st district Republican primary.

As expected, Pat Verschoore filed for 72nd district rep, and Paul Rumler and Mike Jacobs filed for 36th district state senate.

The Illinois State Board of Elections has a current listing of all candidates filing for the '06 primaries here. You can search the list by candidate or office.

418 candidates participated in the early morning scrum in Springfield, submitting petitions to get on the primary ballot on the first day possible.

The position of a candidate's name on the ballot is determined by lottery, with those filing first ensuring a chance to be listed first. Others sometimes actually compete to be the last person filing, as it's believed that, other than being listed first, being listed last gets more voter interest.

It's a zoo scene in Springfield as hundreds of candidates and supporters all camp out to be able to file at 8:00 sharp. What a nutty sport.


At 12/12/2005 12:20 PM, Blogger billyclinton said...

I told everyone then, and I hate to say, "I told you so" -- but the afternoon State Party Chairman Mike Madigan sat Jacobs and Boland down for a "peace talk" and advised Rep. Boland then that he was running for re-election to his House seat -- well, that was the day Mike Boland's dream of becoming a State Treasurer died.

He could have bucked Madigan but chose not. So six years of racing around the state, doing press conferences hundreds of places, are all for naught.

What a shame Mr. Boland didn't pursue his dream. Downstate Democrats would have rallied around him more than they ever will for Paul Mangieri of Knox County.

Where are term limits when you need them.

At 12/12/2005 12:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Boland and Verschoore this town needs an enima!!!

At 12/12/2005 5:48 PM, Blogger maybesomeday said...

Well well well..... so now Boland and Denny Jacobs can both sit together now that they have kissed and made up -- and commiserate and cry into their beers about the campaign that "could have been but wasn't" for each of them to run statewide.

Boland will never get another opportunity and he's missed the boat. IT would have been good for this area too for us all to see an acutal PRIMARY and not a Dam appointment again!!!!

I for one am sick sick sick of John G and Madigan deciding who I get to represent me.

I thought this was America and a Democracy but it sure doesn't feel like it......

At 12/12/2005 7:12 PM, Blogger billyclinton said...

Maybesomeday, you are right on target on this issue. Madigan exerted excessive political control over Jacobs and Boland, and Boland failed to pull the trigger on his dreams, and Lane Evans should start thinking about moving on as well. Incumbents are great ... for about ten years. But after that it's time for change.

I'm a Democrat and I paid for this message.

At 12/12/2005 8:14 PM, Blogger diehard said...

I'm voting for Porter McNeil for State Rep as a write in!

At 12/12/2005 10:48 PM, Blogger billyclinton said...

Diehard, I like that idea. I live on 2nd Street in Moline ... is that in Boland's district?

At 12/12/2005 11:34 PM, Anonymous cooldaddy said...

Hey Dope, take it EZ. Have a beer at Bier Stube. Life's to short for this much stress.

At 12/12/2005 11:42 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

1. Wrong thread.
2. Gee thanks for the advise. I can't get enough platitudes.
3. I don't like the Bier Stube, if you're talking about the one in Moline. It's been my experience that the service sucks, there's nothing but yupsters and slackers, the music is too loud, the atmosphere is noisy and sterile, and I don't really need a selection of 82,000 imported beers.
4. If you think I'm pissy now, you really don't want to advise me to "have a beer". I'm pissed now, but if I got drunk, I might have the urge to make some stranger feel as rotten as I do. Usually not good for anyone involved.

At 12/13/2005 12:03 AM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

...and Billy, sadly, no. You can't actually vote for McNeil, but you can always participate in a meaningful, polite, respectful, historical way.

Just because you live outside the district is no reason you can't be a proud "Porter Supporter"

Or become the president of your campus "Draft McNeil" chapter.

Organize a "Draft McNeil" party and invite everyone on your block or in your elderly hi-rise.

Offer big vats of watery chili and maybe a vegetable tray. Dems love that sh*t. Have a semi full of Lite beer from the local distributor lined up and parked outside.

Donate to the movement early, often, and heavy. Cash is the mother's milk of all write-in campaigns.

Canvass. Walk the streets aimlessly, shouting "I'M A PORTER SUPPORTER!" at the top of your lungs until you pass out or are arrested.

Utilize your local blogs. At every opportunity, which means at least one comment every two minutes, post glowing "Porter McNeil is a fine upstanding young man. I've known Porter for over an hour and he'd make the best darn state rep the world has ever dreamed possible. Anyone who doesn't write-in for McNeil will die in a lake of fire."

Speak to your local church or synagogue group. Remember: Whatever the particular group you're addressing is for, McNeil's for, whatever they're against, he's against. If you think they're pro-choice and find out after pandering to them that they're pro-life, tell them that what you meant is that McNeil is for abortion only when a space launch goes awry. You'll do wonderfully.

Pass out pamphlets and put up yard signs. You're responsible for getting them made and paying for them of course.

On to victory!! Be a Porter Supporter™ © ®, and remember "Real Deal"™ © ® McNeil when you go to the polls! (if you live in the 71st, that is.)

But seriously, a write-in for McNeil wouldn't be a bad move if you're so inclined.

At 12/13/2005 3:26 AM, Blogger diehard said...

I know how you feel Dope. I used to be a happy drunk. More and More I'm just a pissed off drunk!
Could it be because we have a shitty president or a shitty governor?
Or a couple of hacks for state reps?
Or maybe I'm just mad at the world!
The good news is there are 82 different selections of beer at THe Stubie !

At 12/13/2005 6:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Could we start a write in campaign against Vershoore, Jacobs and Boland? Now that would be sweet!!! How about some new blood that is not related to any prior policitians for a change in RI County. Qualifcations - must be smart, young, energetic and not the son/daughter or grandson/daughter or reltative of someone holding the office prior in another generation....

Who can we write in --


(any body but) Mike Jacobs (take your pick)
Porter McNeil instead of Boland
Pat O'Brien instead of Vershoore

That sounds pretty dam good!!!

At 12/13/2005 9:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like this ticket is Nobody a wishy washy and a loser. Sounds great!!

At 12/14/2005 11:11 PM, Blogger billyclinton said...

I spoke with State Rep. Mike Boland tonight at Don Johnston's holiday party. He expressed regret that he is not running for State Treasurer, and admiitted that Speaker Madigan helped persuade him not to run.

Mike, you still have 5 days left to file for State Treasurer. Go for it.


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