August 9, 2005

Tom Tomorrow

Working Assets is a company which provides local and long distance phone service, cellular phone service, and offers a credit card as well. The reason you should sign up with them is that they donate a portion of their revenues to progressive causes.
They're a very worthwhile organization that has come up with an inovative way to generate funds for just causes and organizations.

They also run Act For Change, an online activism site which alerts members to issues and tells them what action they can take, as well as Working for Change, a site devoted to news and opinion.

I signed up for their long distance service and got a certificate for a free pint of Ben & Jerry's every month for six months... not bad. I encourage you to go check out what they have to offer and consider using their services.

Another benefit is that they host Tom Tomorrow, the routinely excellent cartoonist.
You can enjoy their Tom Tomorrow archive page here.


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