July 5, 2005

Housing booming south of Rock River

The Dispatch Argus has a story about the large scope of development south of the Rock River, stretching from Andalusia to the south to Coal Valley to the north.
Despite the high price ranges of between a quarter to a half million dollars, realtors expect that the buyers will be there.

This is good news in that perhaps it will attract some of the national chains who chase housing starts to locate on this side of the river.


At 7/05/2005 9:07 AM, Blogger diehard said...

Why is all growth considered good?!
Building houses just for the sake of growth is wrong for the Chambers of Commerce ala Rick Baker and his unified growth strategy "Wheres the Beef?"
The people that built this country the John Deeres and Thomas Edisons wouldnt spend 5 minutes of their time with lazy bastards like him.
Can anybody tell me what realtors and chamber people do besides go to lunch?
We live in a finite world in case no one has noticed. The short term always wins out over long term planning.

At 7/05/2005 7:52 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

What has baffled me for years is just where they find these people who want to sign up for mortgages on 1/4 to half million dollar homes.

I don't have the figures, but I am not aware of ANY residential developments on either side of the river with homes going for less than $200,000 average.

There must be an entire new generation who are drowning in debt. Either that or there's a huge class of people who are doing quite well hiding somewhere.


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