May 15, 2005

We Distort, You Deride, Scott Co. State's Attorney Bill Davis gets the Fox "fair and balanced" treatment

Scott County State's Attorney Bill Davis has found himself a victim of typical Fox news lies and distortion by Bill O'Reilly, the bombastic blow-hard and kinky phone-sex aficionado (Falafel anyone?) Surprise, surprise, O'Reilly and his guest distorted and blatantly lied about Davis in their attempt to feed red meat to the gullible right-wing morons in their audience. O'Lielly, who calls his show the "No-Spin Zone", spun a local story like mad to try to rile up the fundy rubes that soak up his drivel like so many sponges. And notice how the Dispatch felt it necessary to put "lies" in quotes in the headline. I guess a blatant lie isn't a lie when it's uttered by the right wing.
Scott County prosecutor miffed by Fox `lies'
Bill Davis is riled about The O'Reilly Factor.
The veteran Scott County prosecutor said a guest on Bill O'Reilly's show on the Fox News Channel disregarded the facts from an interview with him Tuesday.

"I was stunned. I wasn't misquoted. They actually lied about what I said," Mr. Davis said Friday.

Lis Wiehl, a Fox News legal analyst, interviewed Mr. Davis over the phone about Rebecca Mann, who was arrested May 8 in Davenport and charged with public intoxication and prostitution.

Davenport police say Ms. Mann, who was 7½ months pregnant, had a blood-alcohol limit more than three times Iowa's legal limit to drive. The officer originally charged her with child endangerment for being drunk and pregnant. Mr. Davis said he stated the arresting officer's "heart was in the right place" by charging her.

On the show that aired Tuesday, Mr. O'Reilly said Ms. Mann "walks out the door with no charges."

That, Mr. Davis said, was a lie.

"They portrayed it as if I was confused, the country bumpkin, and that I dropped all of the charges, which is untrue," Mr. Davis said.

Ms. Mann still faces charges of prostitution and public intoxication, court records show.

Mr. Davis only dropped the child endangerment charge against Ms. Mann on Monday because Iowa law says a fetus is not considered a child.

Ms. Wiehl said Mr. Davis should have tried to take Ms. Mann off the street until her baby was born. Ms. Mann bonded out of the Scott County Jail hours before the show aired.

Mr. Davis also was critical of the show's portrayal of his role in the case.

Ms. Wiehl said Mr. Davis "threw his arms up" because Iowa doesn't have a law protecting fetuses. She later said "any regular person, not a prosecutor, would say I'm going to have to look out for this fetus."

"It's a low-level beef to him (Davis), right?" Mr. O'Reilly asked Ms. Wiehl.

"Yes, but it shouldn't be," she responded.

Ms. Wiehl continued her attack on Mr. Davis by saying with the facts of the case, Mr. Davis could have done more.

"A prosecutor can always find a way. There is some charge. There's some avenue to go with," Ms. Wiehl said.

But Mr. Davis said he has done all he could according to the letter of the law. The facts of the case only warranted the prostitution and public intoxication charge. As for keeping her in jail, Mr. Davis has no say in it.

"What really upsets me is that we are a nation of laws, but they don't want that," he said. "There is no criminal charge for endangering the well-being of an unborn child."

Since being discussed on The O'Reilly Factor, Mr. Davis has been inundated with e-mails and phone calls from all over the country who are disgusted with his treatment of the case. A few have apologized after Mr. Davis told them the show was full of errors.

"I'm just flabbergasted that people take his (O'Reilly's) word as scripture," Mr. Davis said.

Dana Klinghoffer, spokesperson for Fox News, said Mr. Davis shouldn't be angry with Mr. O'Reilly because Ms. Wiehr was only a guest on the show.

Until Ms. Mann's next court appearance on May 26, Mr. Davis can do little to her.

"She has rights to her privacy, and we have the right to inform the Department of Human Services to her and her child," he said. "I can tell you we've done our job, and they're doing theirs."
Davis should visit Media Matters for America and find out how this is business as usual for "Faux News" and the rest of the right wing noise machine.

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At 5/15/2005 5:49 PM, Blogger Milton said...

The truth does not matter. Even if it is coming from a Republican accomplished prosecutors like Bill Davis. Mr. Davis has put many killers away in Iowa. But to let a fetus go!!

Far right wingers don't want facts, don't want unbiased news. They want bullshit that feeds into their existing, deformed beliefs. They want snide, smarmy reporting that supports their biased, partisan perspectives. They Want FOX O'Reily.

Watching the FOX, (capitalized so as to avoid disparaging the red haired mammal of the same name) lying, despicable, dishonest propaganda channel today, I had to turn it off. They should be charged with fraud for calling their programming unbiased. have to wonder how they screen their reporters. Low scores on IQ tests? Inability to read beyond third grade (tabloid journalism) level? Unable to dye hair so it doesn't look tacky (Cal Thomas, and all those ugly, nasty blonde hair disasters with too much make-up?)
So... FOX is building its viewer base with hard core right wingers who don't want facts, don't want unbiased news. They want bullshit. They want snide, smarmy reporting that supports their biased, partisan perspectives.

Fox News Max and Washington Times. Washington Times, The New York Post, Talk Radio, Fox News, these NewsMax etc. The right wing media are not interested in disseminating the truth. That is not what they are for. They are an indispensable component of the right wing machine that has taken over our country.

---Prof. Leland Milton Goldblatt, Ph.D.
Reverend Chancellor Leland Milton Goldblatt Ph.D. ED.D. M.F.A, D.Div.
M.Theo .

At 5/15/2005 11:11 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

Amen Milt. Couldn't have put it better myself.

At 5/16/2005 1:06 PM, Blogger whispers said...

it's never been ilegal to drink when your pregnant. most people just know better. who would do it knowing that it hurts your baby but women do it still. they aren't fit mothers knowing what it does to the baby. the problems come up later.

At 5/16/2005 2:52 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

It's difficult to say what should be done here, but the fact of the matter is that Davis did what he could within the law, and it wasn't good enough for O'Reilly and his guest.
They were just seizeing on the story to try to rile up the so-called "pro-life" audience they play to.

I am surprised however that there aren't any laws or penalties on the books for endangering a fetus.
Maybe there are, but simply getting drunk doesn't qualify.
As amazing as it sounds, there are still many mothers-to-be who continue to get drunk, and some who use drugs all the way through pregnancy. And then there's the even larger number who continue to smoke while pregnant.
But I'm sure the libertarian right would loudly defend this woman's right to endanger her fetus if she so chose.


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