May 14, 2005

Hey Republicans, whatcha got?

To the Republicans out there. (at least I hope you're out there) With your party pretty much in a death spiral since your disasterous experience with Ryan and then running certifiable loon Alan Keyes for Senate, just what are you going to do for the next race for Governor?

Who ya got? Who's going to go up against Blago (if he's the Dem candidate... nothing's 100%) You have Judy Baar Topinka making noises, and ultra-rightist milk tycoon Oberweiss out there shooting himself in the foot with alarming regularity. So who's your world-beater? Who's going to be the horse you ride to the Governor's mansion next time around?

And out of fairness, I suppose Dems can chime in with their thoughts on the matter as well.


At 5/14/2005 12:17 PM, Blogger RepublicanJoe said...

T. Getz-US Rep 17th
J. Swallows-State Rep 71nd
D. Sharp- State Rep 72
Scrtyty State- nolo contrde

At 5/14/2005 1:07 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

I don't think Edgar is interested, and I doubt he'd run again.
And I think the Dems would be pleased if any of the others on the list were to run.

At 5/14/2005 3:35 PM, Blogger gopgopgop said...

I think beating Blagojevich will be easy with Judy Baar Topinka.
Her runningmate will be someone from downstate, like State Rep. Raymond Poe from Springfield.

The national GOP is going after Atty Gen. Lisa Madigan, because she's behaving like NY Atty Gen. Elliot Spitzer. Look for the Chamber of Commerce to lead the battle to defeat her.

Dan Hynes and Jesse White are probably unbeatable.

Locally, I think J. Swallows is a good candidate for the 71st House seat. Don Sharp will be very competitive against Pat Verschoore in the 72nd. There are a handful of strong candidates for Congress, and State Sen. Todd Sieben is making noises about running against Lane Evans.

The GOP will take a wait-and-see on the State Senate race. They would love to see Jacobs and Boland have a bitter primary, opening up a great shot for a GOPer to win in the general.

Oh, and for President in 2008 -- look for Bill Frist to lead the pack.

At 5/14/2005 3:42 PM, Blogger gopgopgop said...

Look for Swallows to make his move in the 71st District House seat race. He's got a strong business background and seems eager to run, according to my sources.

Jim Moen might just be the guy to win the 17th Congressional District. He's from Rock Island County, has lots of money, is conservative, and seems to be ready to begin working hard. If he holds Lane Evans to 55% in Rock Island County, which is very likely given the fact that Blagojevich will be at the top of the ticket then I say Moen wins the seat.

At 5/14/2005 6:19 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

Gop... thanks for your excellent observations, and welcome. Your scenarios seem to be pretty reasonable, though I wouldn't assume that Blago will go down quite as easily as you suggest.

And the mere thought of Bill Frist even running for President, let alone winning, is enough to give me night sweats. UGH!

I couldn't begin to list the reasons Frist is wrong for the country without going on for days (which I do often, but I'm trying to quit)

At 5/15/2005 12:25 AM, Blogger sailingtowindward said...

Who is Jerry Swallows in the 71st? Never heard of him. Can someone educate me.

Also, beware of talk about former Gov. Jim Edgar running for Governor. Can anyone say MSA Scandal. Voters won't stand for him.

At 5/15/2005 8:08 AM, Blogger RepublicanJoe said...

Hey Sailing... obvioiusly you know who J. Swallows is, because in all the posts above, he, or is it she, was referred to as J. Swallows only. Your the only person to attach a first name to J. Swallows. For all you know, since you have never heard of him saliing, he may be Joe, John, Jack, Jeremiah... how you know his name is Jerry...?

At 5/15/2005 12:50 PM, Blogger sailingtowindward said...

Hey Republicanjoe -

I kind of guessed that his name was Jerry Swallows, because I think I've heard of it before (county board? city race?) but am not sure. The name rings a small bell, which is why I'm seeking some insight into who he is.

Any idea?

Thanks for you help.

At 5/15/2005 1:25 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

If you do a Google search on "jerry swallows", you'll find a lot of hits on a famous tattoo artist who went by the name "Sailor Jerry" and whose work featured swallows. I guess he was THE original tattoo guy in Hawaii and inked up thousands of sailors.

Maybe that's what "Sailing" was thinking about.

At 5/15/2005 1:32 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

If you do a Google search on "jerry swallows", you'll find a lot of hits on a famous tattoo artist who went by the name "Sailor Jerry" and whose work featured swallows. I guess he was THE original tattoo guy in Hawaii and inked up thousands of sailors.

Maybe that's what "Sailing" was thinking about.

However, "J. Swallows" remains a complete unknown until someone enlightens us here. With that kind of name un-recognition, they're bound to go far.

At 5/15/2005 1:34 PM, Blogger youngdem503 said...

If I was one to bet I would put my money on Blago losing to someone out of right field whether it be another Dem or not. You know what would be fun, having Denny Jacobs run for governor at least we would have a governor who you could trust. As for Congressman Evans, come on Republicans give it a rest, you can’t beat him. Lane Evans will have that seat as long as he wants.
Someone mentioned Todd Sieben running for Evan’s seat I think that would be interesting, he would lose, but it would more of a challenge then the wicked witch from Milan. As for Rep. Pat Verschoore well, who knows because the kid he ran against last time was a known pothead and I am sure that doesn't boost well with the voters. For Rep. Mike Boland, if he runs for his rep. seat he'll have; face it, people like him as a state representative and that’s about it.

At 5/15/2005 1:41 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

My theory on why the Republicans of this area consistently field such pathetic candidates is this; fat cats just don't want the hassle of running for office and all that comes with it. They're much more used to, and comfortable with, throwing large amounts of money around to pay off others to do their bidding. Hence, they flounder around trying to find some pretty-boy or pretty-woman, some phoney media figure, who is easily manipulated and bought and paid for.
They are so used to their money getting them everything they want or need, that they're completely bamboozled when they butt up against the only thing they can't completely control, which is popular democracy.
Of course, as the Bush races and others have shown, on a larger scale, money can trump all logic and reason and fool enough of the people to actually prevail. But so far, that tactic isn't effective in this area, thankfully. People of this area have a strong distaste for obvious phoneys and empty suits, for which we should be eternally grateful.

At 5/15/2005 1:42 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

Welcome "YoungDem". Your comments are very astute.

At 5/15/2005 2:14 PM, Blogger DownLeft said...

The Republicans have Rod Blagojevich. He shouldn't be that hard to beat if Dems can't find someone strong to run against him in the primary.

Sign me up for Democrats for Topinka. Running someone more corrupt than Blago takes away the GOP's best issue against Rod.

Ray LaHood makes me the most nervous. He could rally central Illinois swing voters, hasn't been involved in corrupt state level politics, and he knows how to appeal to moderates while still having a pretty conservative voting record that hard core Republicans can live with. His biggest problem is all the Republicans he pissed off in primary battles in the last few years. I hope he runs for Governor and loses in the primary, making the 18th an open seat.

At 5/15/2005 5:01 PM, Blogger RepublicanJoe said...

For the record, its James Swallows...

At 5/16/2005 11:05 AM, Blogger hud50 said...

Haring in the 71st, that's the only republican with a chance in this area.

Verschoore is unbeatable. So is Evans (in the current district).

The only shot the republicans have of taking the congressional seat is if there is favorable re-districting for the 2012 race. That is, if the seat is not extinguished entirely.


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