May 15, 2005

Pro-Business group moves to influence Davenport city council races

An interesting piece in the QC Times today highlights the efforts of a spin-off of the "Davenport One" group, the Republican influence group who have been employing very slimy tactics to head off the effort to move Davenport's casino operation further upriver and provide an attractive greeen space along Davenport's riverfront.

A PAC called "Grow Davenport" has been in operation for a while, and now announced that it's hired a WIU student and former intern for the Davenport One group to be a full-time employee focusing on identifying candidates for Davenport City Council and then financing them and running their campaigns. As usual for these well financed and low-profile, high-influence business lobbys, they try to maintain the charade that these two groups have no connection, even though they share several board members.
Lots of interesting and rather disturbing info in the article here.


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