March 4, 2005

Durbin to appear on Meet The Press

Assistant Minority Leader and whip Senator Dick Durbin will appear with fat Timmy this Sunday along with the always creepy Assistant Majority Leader and whip, Mitch McConnell.

Durbin does extremely well in these settings as well as in his floor speeches.

And speaking of Durbin, a guy from Rockford runs an anti-Durbin blog aptly named "Dump Durbin". His case against Durbin is pretty lame, but good for some chuckles.

**Update** C-span is airing the Dem dog & pony road show to highlight their position on Social Security which was taped Friday at Pace University. Under the banner "Democrats Strengthing Social Security" and the iffy slogan "Fix it, don't nix it", Hillary Clinton MCed the event which featured Durbin as well as John Kerry, Chuck Schumer, Harry Reid, Frank Lautenberg, and others.
The event included a small group of "ordinary citizens" who told their stories and whom the pols then used as live props during their talks. It appears that each poltician brought their own "citizen" to the event.


At 3/04/2005 6:33 PM, Anonymous Blue State said...

Go Dick Durbin!

As the new Minority Whip of the U.S. Senate, he's been elevated to star status. And he's been called "Senator Soundbite" for good reason. He is an excellent communicator of Democratic Party policies and issues.

We sure could use him out there more and more.

At 3/04/2005 9:57 PM, Blogger Dissenter said...

Senator Durbin is truly a wonderful representative of this State. We are so incredibly fortunate to have Senator Durbin and Senator Obama. What an absolutely incredible pair.

In Whiteside County a few weeks ago, Senator Durbin took some hits. It happened when Senator Obama appeared here for a Town Hall meeting. Senator Obama has so much class that he invited Illinois Republican representative Jerry Mitchell. Following the town hall meeting, Mitchell stood before the cameras and commented that while Senator Obama knows where Whiteside County is located, Senator Durbin must not, since he has never been here, while Senatro Obama has been here three times in the past year. Presumably, Representative Mitchell was not aware of the visit that Senator Durbin made, along with Senator Obama, to our area in August of last year. Nor must he have been aware of Senator Durbin's efforts to accomplish a Route 30 corridor from Rock Falls, Illinois to Clinton, Iowa.

In any event, Senator Durbin is a wonderful representative who brings great pride and prestige to our area.

At 3/07/2005 11:14 PM, Anonymous Blue State said...

Thanks for the info, Dissenter, and it goes to show you how out of touch those GOP'ers are. Senator Dick Durbin has been to Whiteside County several times during his Senate tenure. I know because I worked on his 2002 campaign in the region. Conservatives are becoming increasingly disappointed with Durbin because he's become more outspoken than Obama on core Democratic Party issues.


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