March 10, 2005

The continuing saga of Governor Blago, Pt. 2

Speaker Mike Madigan has a friendly suggestion for Governor Blago:
The head of the Illinois Democratic Party said Wednesday that Gov. Rod Blagojevich could quell a growing controversy over his political fund-raising by returning all money he has accepted from state contractors.

Blago's woes stem from the large amount of campaign funds flowing into his coffers from contractors who had business with the state at the time they made the contributions as well as those that got contracts with the state after showing their love for the Gov.

The Governor has been amazingly successful... at pissing off just about everyone. Long knives are out within his own party and support has almost completely evaporated among top state Dems.

There's two schools of thought on this. One side feels he's a preening, disgustingly opportunistic backstabber with the loyalty of a cat with dreams of President Blagojevich dancing in his head. The other opinion holds that he's simply trying a clean up the state in a big way, and that offended career politicians are to be expected.

Which do you think is most accurate?


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