January 17, 2009

Throwing an innaugural bash? Want to find one?

I'm sure there will be literally millions of celebrations across the country this coming Tuesday, and literally around the world. And with good reason. This gang of criminally inept and irresponsible crooks is FINALLY on their way out the door, and at this moment, there is a great reserve of hope for a better day residing in people around the world.

Moveon.org has a site where you can find innaugural celebrations around you, or at least the ones that have registered there, which you can check out here.

There's still time to plan a gathering or arrange to meet at a local watering hole to usher out the darkness and ring in the new.

Aside from the D.C. events, which one veteran has described as incredibly expensive and crowded disappointments, there's events being held in Chicago as well, including what appears to be the biggest arranged by former Obama staffers and held at McCormick Place. (tickets will set you back $175 minimum.)

Tuesday will be a great national and international event, one you're sure to tell your grandkids about. While it will be great to experience no matter what, it will no doubt be even more fun to experience it with others who share the sense of relief, gratitude, excitement, and hope that the day will bring.

If you know of any local gatherings planned for the 20th, or are planning to host one yourself, please let us know!


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