January 11, 2009

A Burris under their saddle, and the Hokey Mom strikes again there also

Oh yeah... Gov. Sarah Perhapstherealso is flat out dumb, a little crazy, incredibly shallow, and deeply, deeply delusional about herself and should never be taken seriously by anyone. But then again, maybe those traits make a person destined for greatness in politics?

EVERYTHING is someone else's fault, usually some vague boogie-man that plays to the conservatives love of conspiracy, like "the mainstream media" which essentially doesn't exist. Palin and other right wing flacks pretend the entire "media" engaged in horrible attacks, whining about the horrible things said about her kids. (Yet when pressed by the mean mainstream reporters as to just who said these things, they draw a blank, or admit it was some supermarket tabloid or obscure blog comment. I guess that qualifies as the "mainstream media" to them.)

Palin has no shame, as she's made clear for some time. She actually tried to suggest that Carolyn Kennedy is getting kid glove treatment from the press because "perhaps" there might be a class issue involved (also). Kennedy has been getting battered eight ways to Sunday by both the local NY press and the national media, but so eager is Palin to exploit class resentment among her "low information" base, that she couldn't stop herself from going for it, even though the suggestion is preposterous.

Poor Sarah Palin and her struggling working class family that pulled down $250,000 last year (not counting hubby's silk undies and the $150,000 plus in high-falutin' city duds courtesy of the Republican party, which she says they're going to return or give to charity. Anyone want the first dude's underwear? Anyone? Anyone? Beuller?). They're being picked on and looked down on by those suspicious "media elite".

She said (also) that if she were nominated on the Dem ticket, that she would have been treated much better in the press.

This is so dumb on so many levels it's hard to know where to begin (or end). Suffice to say that the Democrats would NEVER nominate an unqualified, un-vetted dim bulb like that to any presidential ticket, EVER, (and neither will the Republicans do so again, it is hoped.) so the point is moot.

But if in bizarro world, the Dems nominated someone with the background of Palin, someone who said the idiotic things she has, with the bizarro family she heads, with the ethical clouds over their heads she had, the association with fringe political parties she and the "first dude" had, who came across as some dim beauty pageant contestant (which she essentially is) during her first few (and only) national interviews, then whined relentlessly about it afterwords as if complaining that there weren't supposed to be HARD questions in a beauty pageant, and that the judges were so mean, then yeah, I think the media would have treated her WORSE than they treated her and her family this time around. I was astounded at just how much credibility and legitimacy the press and pundits actually gave her, laboring mightily to pretend she was somehow legitimate at all.

The press and even the pundit corp were obviously walking on eggshells trying desperately to avoid coming across as unfair to her, as the baseless charges of sexism and bias blasted out of the McCain camp. She got off easy! Very few in the media dared point out the obvious... that Palin was a joke.

But now the small town girl has gotten a taste for the bright lights, and, gosh darn it, she's not ready to fade back to the obscurity she so richly deserves.

So she's out there pluggin' away, trying to somehow polish up her disastrous candidacy, blaming it all on everyone else, while at the same time continuing to demonstrate clearly and convincingly to a majority of Americans that they were indeed correct in judging her grossly unqualified for any office above mayor of Wasilla, the meth capitol of Alaska, and nothing more than a tragi-comic Jerry Springeresque side show.

With no awareness of or apparent interest in how she is percieved, Palin now refuses to just GO AWAY. Rather, she has the gall to continue to peddle her standard complaint that the media was unfair to her for, I guess, reporting anything at all about her dysfunctional family or actually quoting her accurately.

She cited Obama's edict that his family and wife be off limits to the press, trying to make it seem like the press laid off Obama's family, but were terrible and unfair to hers. But of course Obama's young girls weren't out there standing behind him at every campaign stop. And Palin is too stupid to realize that the Obama girls are utterly innocent young children. The press didn't say anything about Palin's younger children other than how cute they were. (I can't even remember her other kids besides the pregnant one and the cutie who slicked down the baby's hair at the convention.)

But in Palin-land, when an 18 year old daughter of a rabid social conservative who loudly and incessantly pointed to her family as evidence of how wholesome she was, is revealed to be about to have a child out of wedlock, the press should have completely ignored it and not reported it at all. No news there, move along.

After all, they didn't report any bad stuff about the OBAMA girls. They're SO biased.

And of course, she never mentions Obamas very stern statement on the subject of kids that if anyone in his campaign were found to have said a word about any of Palin's kids, they'd be bounced out on their asses immediately.

And when Palin trotted around with her poor infant as if he was an overstuffed football, coming on stage holding him like a prop and mugging for the crowd long enough for effect, then quickly passing it off like a hot potato to the baby wrangler so she could begin her crazy slurs against Obama, then yeah, maybe her family was fair game. (By the way, why didn't they just use a prop baby. It would have had the same effect and would have been less wear and tear on poor Tripe, or Trots, or Truck or whatever his name is.)

But according to Sarah, if one of the Obama girls were a teen and pregnant and it wasn't announced for some time, the press wouldn't say a thing, since they're so "elite" and biased, don't cha know.

Or if the Obamas then announced that their daughter and the baby's daddy were going to wed and everything was going to be just peachy, but after using the poor young man as a prop throughout the campaign, he got the hell out of there as soon as it was over, the press wouldn't have breathed a word about it.

And if it was revealed that the Obama's had pulled some strings and got this kid a job in the oil fields, apparently as an inducement to stick around and get hitched, but the guy decided to bolt intead, both from the job AND the prospect of having Sarah Palin as a mother-in-law (The kid is smarter than he looks.) the elite media would never have DARED to report that, if it had been the Obamas instead.

Then it emerges that the baby daddy's dear old Mom got popped for multiple felony drug charges just after the election was over, but it emerged that the cops were set to make the bust BEFORE the election, but pressure was applied for them to wait until afterwards. (makes ya wonder if McCain had won, if she ever would have been charged at all.), but of course, this was only lightly reported at all because, the elite media hate Palin, not because it's news.

As a matter of fact, most of this has been decidedly underplayed in the press. But of course, Palin is clueless to any of it in her eagerness to play the martyr and try to salvage what little credibility she still clings to.

All this is apparent to most people, but apparently not in the beauty pageant world of Sarah Palin there.

The obvious fact which must not be uttered is that Sarah Palin has absolutely NOTHING by way of qualifications for any higher office, has never come up with, let alone uttered a single idea or policy proposal, nor demonstrated any knowledge whatsoever OF any policy or anything to do with governance AT ALL in all the hours of TV time she's had.

She preferred instead to spend about 99% of the exposure she has gotten (due to her freak show attraction, not due to her as a politician) whining endlessly. She's done essentially nothing but pretend to be "Joe Sixpack" while cravenly grasping to become one of the "elites" she supposedly dislikes.

Palin has not uttered a rational, intelligent sylable to do with the problems our country faces or what she'd do about it since she was tossed onto the national stage months ago, and despite the fact that she's had far, far more attention and airtime than she ever deserved, she shows absolutely no sign of having learned a damn thing along the way.

That's just her. Unqualified. Incurious. Largely ignorant and damn proud of it. And utterly and completely unable or unwilling to view the world through anything other than her own incredibly narrow and self-centered lens.

But her stupidity and unpreparedness isn't HER fault. Nothing is, according to her. It's the McCain campaigns, and those naughty reporters who actually asked her legitimate questions and then thought it odd when she couldn't manage to give a straight answer to their "gotcha" questions, like what newspapers and magazines do you read. The nerve of those "elites"!

And she's willing and anxious to continue to use every dishonest trick in the book to continue to sway the gullible and uninformed into thinking there's anything more to her than a mass of hot air, Rovian political scheming, hairspray and hypocrisy. Go for it Hokey Mom! You gonna have a big career and become the first female president? You betcha... perhaps... there.... also.

And then there's Roland Burris.

His best qualification seems to be that he's a nice guy. (and apparently not an outright crook) Nothing wrong with that, obviously, and lord knows we could use more nice guys around.

Roland Burris is a nice guy. Deeply weird, but a really nice guy.

Burris saw fit to spent a huge amount of money on his own mausoleum, essentially a huge marble shrine to himself, complete with his entire resume engraved on it, including not only that he was the first black elected to state-wide office in Illinois, but also such immortalizing accomplishments as his being the first black national bank examiner for the U.S. Treasury Department and that he was the first black Southern Illinois University exchange student to the University of Hamburg in Germany.

Oh, and lest we forget, Burris was also the first non-CPA to be on the board of the Illinois CPA Society. Now THAT'S a trick. Not sure it's something to be remembered for the ages, but apparently Burris thought so. Generations from now, visitors can read that and murmur, "Wow", in hushed reverence.

There's probably still room to mention that he was the head hall monitor in school and that he once helped an old woman across the street. And that he was the first black person to have a career exactly like his career.

Burris also often refers to himself in the third person. (ala Bob Dole), which I find incredibly odd, not to mention annoying as hell, and he also named his son Roland Jr. and his daughter Rolanda. (ala George Foreman.)

I find all of it more than a little weird, especially since he had the monument erected probably while he was still in his 60's. What kind of person erects essentially a monument to his own greatness before he can even be considered elderly? Or while they're still alive, for that matter?

But then again, I think to be a politician in this state, it's a law you have to have a screw loose somewhere. I mean, look around. It seems that Durbin and Obama are the only two who appear "normal" in the usual sense of the word. It's like the rest all have some sort of raging egos, paranoia, or drug and/or alcohol problems (at least that would explain a lot.)


At 1/11/2009 3:40 PM, Blogger UMRBlog said...


I'd like to take a step back from the specifics of the Palin "Class Struggle". As a general rule, Class warfare is bad politics and leads to untenable government.

It really doesn't matter whether it's "Soak the Rich" or "Born-Agains are all intolerant assholes." Class warfare campaigning is just certain to bring about more disunity as opposed to, in the words of WJC, "Going Up or Down Together."

I submit that's Palin's fundamental mistake and suspect that she still doing it on a kind of intuitive basis, not any well thought out grand plan. Sort of "People cheer and tell me I'm pretty when I say this stuff, so I'll keep saying it..."

Finally, when all the class rhetoric and MSM-bashing is over, she still has the annoying issue of why she couldn't hold up better for pretty tame interviews with Couric, no towering intellect, and Gibson. Sometimes people don't get jobs because of discrimination, true enough. Sometimes,they flunk the aptitude test.

Continued Success.

At 1/11/2009 5:08 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

Agreed. There's no sign of any strategy, which is even more troubling. It's as though she's so convinced she's so attractive and compelling just as she is, that she can just show up someplace and spout there rambling incoherant answers and that'll be enough.

She's obviously got visions of higher office dancing in her head, but she shows no sign of any serious strategy. Surely if she did, she wouldn't be getting overexposed and continue to show what a ninny she is.

She reminds me of the maxim that it is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open ones mouth and remove all doubt.

At 1/12/2009 11:21 AM, Anonymous No Nonsense said...

I don't know about that Roland Burris. Dope, something's not right with this dude and can't put my finger on it, but it will come out, it always does.

and there also... great commentary on Palin. You'd think since she has the opportunity of interviews that she would take this time to talk about policies and issues pertaining to her supporter, but noooo, whine whine whine about nothing.

I hope you get to see a the beat-down that Whoppi gave Ann Coulter today on the View. It was beautiful

At 1/12/2009 6:36 PM, Blogger trish in SW FL said...

Amazing, but somehow I thought the hard-won victory in November would be the end of the witch of Alaska, but she is truly the gift that keeps on giving! There's some interesting reads at http://www.palindeception.com/

Class struggle, Sarah? The way I see it, Sarah has NO class at all!

And to the Inside Dope, I'm glad I wandered in here....enjoy reading your posts very much! thanks!

At 1/13/2009 3:09 AM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...


Welcome. And thanks for the kind words.

I gotta admit though, it's a little hard to feel generous towards a person suffering through SW Florida weather while here, we're looking forward to days where the temperature never gets above zero, snow, windchills, and conditions that mimic the dark side of Mars.

Posting has been sparse of late, but if you want to kill some time, browse through the archives. There's plenty of junk there... and if you look hard enough, there's even some good stuff.

But I'm not mad at you. Just jealous.

At 1/14/2009 7:33 PM, Blogger nicodemus said...

A lot of people preplan their funerals and buy their monuments and mausoleums ahead of time. Why? People want to make sure its done according to their wishes and also lock into a good price. Monuments will be less expensive now than they will "someday", say 20+ years when he/she kicks the bucket.

Roland Burris is a man with a great deal of experience and he truly understands how government works. I met him and heard him speak a few times (to small groups) and I thought "This guy should have been governor a long time ago and we wouldn't be in this mess!"

Burris has been around a long time. He never played the race card. I remember when Burris ran and won statewide, in 1978. He is a trailblazer for all these Blacks that got into public service. And how do they thank him? People like Jesse White and Barack? Well Obama threw Burris under the bus for the first week... until he decided enough was enough, they need to get this out of the headlines.

Now is Blago a scumbag? Sure he is. But he did this thing right and he chose somebody of a high caliber. Now if Blago had NOT been in trouble, he would have picked somebody else. And the names that were floated, it would have been someone much much worse.

As far as Sarah Palin. Don't you ever get bored writing about her? I mean I know you like calling her names and stuff. But look, McCain and Palin lost. Bush is leaving office and your Messiah will come in next week and magically solve all our problems. So what will you blog about for the next 4 years? Sarah Palin? It is about as relevant as talking about Dan Quayle or Tonya Harding.

At 1/15/2009 7:20 AM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

I'll get tired of pointing out what a numbskull Sarah Palin is about the time she stops getting in front of any camera within 10 ft.

Do I get tired of writing about the fool? No. I get tired of seeing and hearing the fool every other day.

Glad to see that you are still clinging to your "abandon all hope" campaign message so popular with the right.

Yeah, Obama's my "messiash". Believe that if it makes you feel better.

It's pretty moronic to try to suggest that ANYONE thinks that any politician on the face of the earth could possible fix the damage done during the utter catastrophe that was the Bush admninistration in 4,8, or even a generation. But again, if it comforts you to utter such non-sense, go for it.

How anyone could possible be bitter or negative about getting rid of the worst president this country has ever elected is beyond me.

You've got a guy who is having a fundy fruitcake give the benediction at his innaugeral, has named a bunch of conservatives to key posts, and who just had dinner with a group of some of his harshest conservative critics (who look like idiots in hindsight) at George Will's house, and managed to avoid gagging.

Are you going to miss the fascist aura of the Bush years? Where politics and party were placed above even common sense, much less what was best for the people of this country? Will you pine away for the time we edged closest to a fascist state than any time in our history?

Gonna miss government run of for and by the corporation and plutocracy? Bet you will.

You're going to absolutely HATE the things Obama does for the middle class, I'm sure. That idea, after all, is commie or something.

Expect millionaires and billionaires to pay their fair share and the country will implode.

But keep cynicism alive Nico.
Hope for failure, and try to avoid slitting your wrists.

The fact of the matter is that things ARE going to get better in many, many, many ways, both big and small, simply by virtue of the fact that the gang of ideological idiots and know-nothing fundementalist zealots will no longer be in charge, disregarding science, evidence, and reality in order to govern with the goal of destroying government.

The Republicans always argue that government doesn't work, and when they're in charge, they prove it to everyone.

I'd hazard to guess that even John McCain is damn glad Obama won.


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