November 5, 2008

Airplanes for Obama

Just how cool is this...

Obama is right. It really IS about the people. The people did this. They organized, they got "fired up", and they found ways to do what they could. And most importantly, they DID IT.

In the midst of this historic moment, we should all pause to acknowledge the millions of ordinary people who broke out of their shell and sacrificed their time, money, efforts and talents to helping bring this moment about.

And the millions of volunteers from both campaigns are to be commended for their civic paticipation.

And last but certainly not least, are the most unsung and underappreciated group of all, those elected officials and millions of ordinary people who work to organize and provide the means for us to vote, and who served untold thousands of hours at polling places to ensure that the process worked.

It's a day to be proud of it all.

Hats off to those who helped make it happen.


At 11/06/2008 5:20 PM, Anonymous nooncat said...

Has there ever been a U.S. presidential election whose outcome incited celebrations in the streets. (Sorry, can't count Grant Park; that was a planned event.)

This probably sounds overweening, but the mandate accorded by the electorate to Sen. Obama - with the highest voter turnout percentage since women's suffrage was amended to the Constitution 90 years ago - combined with the impending close of the worst presidency in our nation's history:

It's like V-E Day.

It's like the fall of the Berlin Wall.

It's like July 4, 1776, with a nation of, by and for the people.

It's like waking up on Christmas morning.

It's like the first warm, sunny day of spring.

It's like Abraham, Martin and John still live. And they do.

That's how it feels to me this week.

Yes! We can!

Once again!


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