November 5, 2008

Where's George?

With the Last Emperor reduced to a joke and remaining conspicuously out of sight, one might wonder what our national shame is doing. After all, he still has 75 days as of today (you can keep track with the countdown timer in the sidebar) to go before the country and the world is rid of him and all he represents.

You might even be grateful and relieved at the thought that at least he's not actively screwing things up and making our country and planet worse.

After all, Bush just pledged his "complete cooperation" with President-elect Obama.

But silly you. You'd be wrong.

President Bush’s aides have been scrambling to change rules and regulations on the environment, civil liberties and abortion rights, among others — few for the good. Most presidents put on a last-minute policy stamp, but in Mr. Bush’s case it is more like a wrecking ball. We fear it could take months, or years, for the next president to identify and then undo all of the damage.

You might not want the buzzkill, but if you can deal with hearing what damage he's busily doing while no one is looking in the midst of the promise of change to come, read this sobering piece.

Like some surly three year old throwing a tantrum after being disciplined, here are but some of what this small man is doing in a last ditch effort to impetuously inflict more damage on the country and give his corporate and fundementalist masters what they want before he's unceremoniously tossed out of a position of power.

CIVIL LIBERTIES We don’t know all of the ways that the administration has violated Americans’ rights in the name of fighting terrorism. Last month, Attorney General Michael Mukasey rushed out new guidelines for the F.B.I. that permit agents to use chillingly intrusive techniques to collect information on Americans even where there is no evidence of wrongdoing.
THE ENVIRONMENT The administration has been especially busy weakening regulations that promote clean air and clean water and protect endangered species.
ABORTION RIGHTS Soon after the election, Michael Leavitt, the secretary of health and human services, is expected to issue new regulations aimed at further limiting women’s access to abortion, contraceptives and information about their reproductive health care options.

How nice that this petty and shallow man, obviously concerned with nothing but the wishes of his small base of support, is thumbing his nose at the idea of accountibility and democracy and busily giving us all the finger all the way until the bitter end.


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