September 17, 2008

McCain hearts fundementals

The latest data shows that unemployment levels have soared to new heights, 6.4%, with thousands of fundementals now out of work and without income, many due to having their jobs shipped overseas.

Many fundementals were initially very pissed off and depressed, until assured by John McCain that they were "sound". This caused many of them to continue to support the person who was directly responsible for enacting the gutting of regulations and other legislation which created the opportunity for the economic blood bath of recent days.

Many fundementals have also lost their homes in the housing crisis brought on by deregulation again championed by the guy they plan to vote for, and pushed through by his chief financial advisor, Phil Gramm, who still is part of his campaign.

You may recall Gramm for having said that the obvious economic collapse was only in the minds of these fundementals, saying that they were simply "whiners".

But Obama is black and his VP looks hotter than their wives and seems as dim-witted as most of the people they know, so many fundementals still support McCain.

Below, a fundemental from McCain's era.

For those who haven't heard, McCain, in possibly a new high in lows, said in the face of the recent Wall Street economic collapse, a disaster which even Alan Greenspan said was the worst he's ever seen (and he's even older than McCain.. maybe.) said, "The fundementals of our economy are sound."

The guy is seriously delusional. But not really.

With all the frothing and outrage over this outrageous statement, it was noted that McCain has been using that phrase for months and has said it repeatedly. What none of the pundits remembered was that McCain's economic guru, Phil Gramm, was the one who used that term in his famous statement asserting that the economic meltdown was all in our heads, and that the fundementals of our economy are strong.

John McCain admittedly doesn't know shit from applesauce when it comes to the economy, and he was simply aping what Phil Gramm was feeding him. Only McCain didn't have the sense to drop it on the day that the U.S. economy lost several tens of billions of dollars in value.

To McCain, another Republican cipher saying what he's told, the topic was the economy, and he knew that every time that word came up, he was to say, "the fundementals of our economy are sound.", so he did.

Of course, McCain doesn't know any more than you or I just what these "fundementals" are. He couldn't tell you if you put a gun to his head. Old Phil Gramm might be hard pressed too. But what it really means is that the very wealthy are still sitting pretty, and they'll be fine. THAT'S the fundementals that Phil Gramm refers to. The rest of us are all "whiners". The super wealthy are the true "fundementals" that McCain was blathering about in that meaningless statement.

But of course, McCain had to back away from that utterly stupid statement, and fast.

So the mealy mouthed guy who will obviously say anything, no matter how dishonest or humiliatingly stupid for political gain, simply tried an amazing feat of political ju-jitsu.

He later said that by "fundementals of our economy" he was clearly referring to our brave, hardworking, valiant, good looking, and brilliant workers here in America (who are losing jobs by the 100's of thousands thanks to his party's policies) and that, by being incredulous about his statement, Barack Obama was actually making fun of .... fundementals, aka American workers.

Wow. Imagine the freaked out McCain weasels who frantically concocted that pathetic dodge. Brilliant.

So hat's off to all you fundementals out there! Rest assured you're as sound as can be!

And that's straight from the leader of the party that's ALWAYS put the well-being of the working man and woman first for the past 8 years.

Didn't they?


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