September 3, 2008

I'm voting for a man I can imagine drowning a bag of cats.

Old, Grizzled Third-Party Candidate May Steal Support From McCain

I've got tears in my eyes from laughing.... because this REALLY isn't that far off when it comes to the basis for a lot of McCain's support.

Seriously, when you look at their positions, a guy like Cressbeckler really would take a lot of votes away from McCain.

Foreign Policy
McCain: Would not talk to enemy nations. Dislikes Asians.
Cressbeckler: Hates all foreigners. Has refused to speak to any his entire life.

Health Care:
McCain: Citizens should fend for themselves
Cressbeckler: Flask of whiskey, needle and thread for all.

McCain: Keep drilling for oil
Cressbeckler: Use immigrants

"Jane Carmichael has details in The War For The White House Election Analysis Bunker."

"I'm voting for a man I can imagine drowning a bag of cats."

Cressbeckler on Iraq:
"You can't put a bucket over a pig's head, it just makes 'em skittish!"

Indeed, Mr. Cressbeckler, indeed. About as pertinent to the reality in Iraq as anything McCain says.

"Every TIME I go to Washington, I smell a rat, a fish, a donkey with vipers... Let's get out the car and snag 'em, one, two, three! And then when I'm president, we'll KILL 'EM!!"

Boy, that'd bring down the house at a McCain rally!

And in the crawl across the bottom is the news that California has voted to require all public buildings to be mentally handicapped accessible.


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