June 17, 2008


McCain's campaign, and McCain himself, have exhibited a troubling amount of confusion, gaffes, direct contradictions, and just plain bad decisions. They're showing precious little evidence that they know what the hell they're doing or what they want to do.

There's a definite whiff of desperation and perhaps a lack of even caring about the campaign.

Here's a tiny example that I found on McCain's own site.

I draw your attention to the young woman displaying the "Hold the Bacon" sign directly to the left of McCain.

Is she trying to make a comment on his cholesterol level in light of his advanced age?

The best I can figure as far as an explanation for the bizarre sign is that it might refer to some down-ballot race where someone named Bacon is the opponent? Is it an oblique comment on pork barrel spending?

How do you explain why "Hold the Bacon" is a part of the message they wanted to get out during this event, and why they put the sign in the most prominent spot possible, right next to Grandpa John?

"Hold the Bacon"??!! Somehow that doesn't stack up to "Change we can believe in.", does it?

And doesn't this put McCain at risk of alienating the sizable pro-bacon voters? (and they're sizable, literally, I'd imagine.)

With tomatoes already infested with salmonella it's hard enough to put together a good BLT. Now the McCain campaign expects us to just have an L sandwich?

Outrageous!!!! Un-American!

Clearly a vote for McCain is a vote to outlaw bacon. And when bacon is outlawed, only outlaws will have bacon.

C'mon, where's the TV spot?

McCain. Wrong on bacon. Wrong for America.


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