June 17, 2008

Is Blago toast?

Seems that the sordid pitched battle among Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, House Speaker Mike Madigan, Senate President Emil Jones, federal investigations, indictments, and the creeping suspicion that Blago is about as competent and rational as George W. Bush have conspired to increase the volume of talk of impeachment.

A recent report had Madigan asking his attorney to look into the proceedures needed to start the impeachment process.

Why, it's even gaining national mention.

On this past Friday's "McGlaughlin Group", Monica Crowley, a somewhat late arriving member of the Conservative Blondes club, offered this prediction of what we can expect from "Blagahyehvich".

When you're going to make someone the focus of a prediction on national TV, think you might want to see if you know how to pronounce the person's name?

At any rate, anyone thinks her prediction will prove accurate?


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