June 10, 2008

It's official! There is NOTHING right wingers won't stoop to.

No doubt about it. The evidence is overwhelming. Republicans think their best bet in this presidential campaign is attracting people with less ability to think rationally than your average protozoa.

People who watch Fox (and dim-witted propaganda forwarded from moron to moron via e-mail), this is the Republican "core". It's as if their heads hinge open like waste baskets to catch all the garbage they're fed.

Things like: Obama "refuses" to wear a flag pin. Obama "refuses" to hold his hand over his heart during the anthem. A poster of Che Guevara supposedly spotted in some remote local Obama campaign office, proof positive that Obama is a dangerous communist radical.

Why, Obama even attended a secular GRADE SCHOOL while living in Indonesia! Even though he was about 7 years old, he obviously has been indoctrinated with radical Islamic thought and he might as well be an al Queda agent. Be afraid.

Yes, Virginia, some right wing Republicans really ARE stupid enough to swallow this stuff, as evidenced that they actually feel the need to circulate all this swill and more, though thankfully, mostly among each other.

This then magnifies and reinforces illogical and irrational ideas any rational 5th grader would realize were laughably stupid attempts to scare them, and it results in a staggering level of ignorance and gullibility.

It's an echo chamber, where they hear elaborately constructed attempts to connect dots that have less than nothing to do with each other, with the end impression that somehow Obama really IS a dangerous radical akin to Castro or Stalin.

Sure, you might say, but no one in their right mind would fall for this.

Well, to a degree you'd be right. But there are people who have been absorbing this garbage for over a decade now, They're literally programed, having been told to consider any Democrat as some big, scary, threat to God, country, and white people everywhere.

What's it look like when your party, your candidate, and most importantly, your policies are losers across the board? What do Republicans have left to rely on in the campaign ahead? Well, for one example, which former candidate for the Republican nomination to succeed Lane Evans as Illinois representive Jim Mowen sent along apparently mistaking it as a piece of serious campaign material, this putrid piece of rank propaganda. Try to believe the illogical lengths that are gone to in the effort to tie Obama to every communist boogie-man of the 20th century. (gotta love the narator who tries to sound serious and ominous, the scary background music, the dishonest tactics to try to relate unrelated things, etc. Try not to gag.)

Here's the latest. Behold, what passes for responsible political discourse amongst Republican wing-nuts.
Fox News ditz teasing a story about the Obama's charming fist bump at prior to his victory speech last Tuesday: "A fist bump? A pound? A terrorist fist JAB? The gesture everyone seems to interpret differently. We'll show you some interesting body communication and show you what it really says."

Yep. First Fox, when it can't rely simply on crazy spin and preposterous interpretation, has now taken to bringing on flaky "body language experts" to tell us what Democrats are really saying, even if they're not saying anything.

Now Fox/Republicans don't have to rely on something silly like, say, something someone actually SAID. Despite the fact that they can twist literally anything to fit their story-line and attribute evil motives, you still have to wait for someone to say something you can twist.

But now they can make up crazy crap any time they want by having a quack say it's what their body language is saying. Neat trick, eh? Evidently Fox couldn't find even a quack body language person with so little self-respect that they'd pretend a fist bump... a fist bump for pity's sake, was some sign of terrorist affiliation.

** Update Fox Newsbunny clarifies her comment, says she wasn't associating the word "terrorist" with Obama.

But this is what they're out to do, and for many idiotic and terribly ignorant and frightened whites, it works.

They're trying to focus on ANYTHING that they think they can exploit in order to make Obama seem "strange" or different. And this is all code for ...... black.

To some of these morons, ignorant of course of the fact that the fist bump is, and has been, common for years among literally anyone born after the Civil War, and isn't some weird, shadowy, "black power" kind of secret greeting, even though obviously they're doing their best to reinforce this pathetic thought with anyone stupid enough to swallow it.

Anything... anything at all, that these slimeballs think they can use to take ignorant people's festering jumble of fears and ignorance towards blacks and project them onto Barack Obama, they'll jump on.

The message isn't that Obama may be a liberal or a radical... it's that Obama just may be.... black.

But what do you expect when if you are honest about your views and policies you wouldn't stand a snowball's chance of winning? Making up stuff is all they have left. Lying to the terminally gullible and easily frightened is a billion dollar industry for the right, so don't expect them to quit soon.

Best thing to do is to sit back, and enjoy the comedy. After you suppress the urge to gag.


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