June 23, 2008

More airshow pics pt. 1

They had a wing walker. Looks like fun, doesn't it? (click to enlarge)


Climbing through the wires.

More later...


At 6/26/2008 11:59 PM, Blogger tiz said...

Nice pics, Dope. If I were there everything would be blurry as hell. :)

I was looking for flood pictures and stumbled on this guy's flickr with pics from the AS, thought you might be interested:

At 6/27/2008 3:29 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

Thanks for that... and there's already some video work put up from the show as well, including a montage set to music that was posted within 24 hours.

Go to YouTube and search on Davenport Air Show.

I was fairly releived to see there was good video there, as I'm not the swiftest at editing video, and it saved me many hours of work.


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