May 3, 2008

And the "lunatic left" shall be revealed as prophets

"Hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars were unnecessarily spent, and worse yet, too many of our most precious military resource, our American soldiers, were unnecessarily wounded, maimed, and killed as a result. In my mind, this action by the Bush administration amounts to gross incompetence and dereliction of duty."

Sounds like some lefty flamethrower. Maybe Michael Moore or some similar "commie" wuss?

Nope, Lt.Gen. Ricardo Sanchez, who some of you may recall was the three-star general who commanded the American military in Iraq during 2003-2004

I remember when on this very blog, right wingers and even some idiotic Democrats would routinely belittle and berate me for saying that this "war" was a huge, costly blunder with no apparent return. Funny how things change.

I haven't heard them coming around to admit they were over 4000 dead soldiers and a few trillion dollars wrong about it all, but who could blame them. I guess ya gotta give them points for at least having a sense of shame.

And speaking of how things have changed around here...

I recall as well being hounded and attacked and called every name in the book whenever I even hinted that this all might be about oil. Remember that?

Not so long ago when ANYONE who even breathed a hint of a whisper of a suggestion that MAYBE the invasion of Iraq might just possibly be about oil, what with Bush and Cheney essentially being the oil industry in the White House and all, was hooted at and dismissed as some sort of whacko.

Of course it wasn't just me, this willing suspention of reality was true all across the board, from anyone appearing on cable news shows, to anyone daring enough to suggest it in print, or anywhere in any media.

Even the hosts and "journalists" on television would quickly cut off anyone who dared try to go down that road as being irresponsible. Why even suggesting that was so unpatriotic it amounted to treason. Anyone who even THOUGHT that this might be about oil was a lunatic or dangerous radical or worse.

Everyone saw it, and it's not too hard to recall.

Well, now we can count among those frothing unpatriotic lunatics the likes of Sen. John McCain, whose statements yesterday clearly indicated that at least he believes that this has all been about getting that oil that the Iraqis had the poor judgement to happen to live on top of since the beginning of civilization (which also occurred there, oddly enough. Of course many relics from that era were stolen or destroyed and otherwise "liberated" along with the Iraqi people after we "shocked and awed" 'em.)

The Mummy said:
My friends, I will have an energy policy that we will be talking about, which will eliminate our dependence on oil from the Middle East that will -- that will then prevent us -- that will prevent us from having ever to send our young men and women into conflict again in the Middle East.

George W. Bush, hero to dead-end authoritarians everywhere, has made statements in his never-ending fishing expedition to try to find a rational for his hideously reckless blundering saying that we need to be there to avoid paying high prices for oil.

That, like everything else he's touched, is really working out well, don't you think?

No wonder some people, including local bloggers, still believe that the American people, in their infinite wisdom, might decide to vote for more of the same because one candidate had a preacher who was black and yelled from the pulpit.

When you find yourself in a deep, deep hole, why, they say, the first thing you should do is.... keep digging away. Makes sense, doesn't it? Better than letting some guy with dark skin into the White House, at least to their mind.


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