April 26, 2008

The outrage is the ignorance

I've been nauseated by the recent spate of pundit eruptions in full righteous indignation over the fact that Rev. Jerimiah Wright actually had the NERVE, the GALL to actually accept an interview request from one of the few "real" journalists left in existence.

Chris Matthews, Pat Buchannon, and Tucker Carlson were apoplectic with sputtering disbelief that someone such as Wright, who's had his words and his message utterly twisted beyond recognition by the likes of these people, would DARE to even remind us that he still exists.

They spluttered and fell over themselves in sheer amazement that Wright would do such a thing as answer questions in his own words. Why it was nearly fatal to Obama, was a horrible thing for him to do to Obama, really, really bad. How dare he? How dare someone that folks like Carlson have decreed to be a completely insane lunatic have the nerve to come on TV and actually show people what he's really like? Why who does he think he IS??!!!

These morons in the press, content to utter their condemnations and judgements based on absolutely ZERO knowledge about Wright, his life, his ministry, his church, or most importantly, without ANY context whatsoever, have taken 10 second sound bites of what the Republicans felt would be the most incendiary bits of sermons, and pronounced him to be some crazy radical or worse, certifiably insane and worthy of being shoved into obscurity forever branded as such.

Why are they now so furious at the good Reverend? Well, they didn't like the short SOUND BITES of the Moyer's interview. They listened for all of a few seconds, then Matthews pronounced that he was trying to blame Obama for the mess, blah, blah, blah.

They were outraged. Why? Because they'd buried Rev. Wright, tarred him as some boogie-man evil-doer, and Wright didn't have the decency to STAY BURIED. The NERVE!!

They'd all piled on to shame him, and the guy didn't stay shamed. This drives them nuts when someone doesn't play their game.

I watched the entire interview last night and if any of these boobs would have bothered to do so themselves, I'm not sure they could sit there and continually demean and dismiss this guy. (well, Carlson probably could. Facts or simple honesty has never been an impediment to him in the past.)

If you didn't see the interview, you owe yourself to watch it. Particularly those out there who are prone to try to pretend that Wright is a huge issue in the election.

Watch the interview, then judge whether Obama should be branded as some sort of dangerous radical because of his association with Wright.

The entire Wright episode is disgusting in it's attempt to ignore reality, it's blatant appeal to dumb racial fear, it's playing Americans as idiots, and the willingness of so many in the press to do their best to perpetuate it.

The outrage expended on trying to paint Wright as some radical loon is wasted when it should be more properly directed towards those on the right and those in the press who gleefully abandon any pretense of actually helping the public sort out the issue, and only help spread such non-sense. Once you really look into it, it's high school level stuff at best. But that's what the press does best.

To believe that Wright is some dangerous kook, and that Obama must be suspect too by association, is to willfully agree to be an idiot.

Wright is by no means a radical. He's by no means that outside anyone's idea of conventional Christianity, unless by Christianity you mean the type practiced by most Republicans and others who go to church, think that makes them fine Christian types, and then go out and act like jackals for the rest of the week, supporting policies that kill innocent people and deny help to those in need.

Wright made the point that, to him, he believed that the church was divorced from reality in the sense that people go to church and it's a fantasy world where none of the unpleasant topics, the REAL world, in other words, every intrudes. You read the bulletin and it's all sweetness and light. Unpleasant topics are taboo.

He believes that the mission of a church is to bring the word of God and make it relevant to the people who attend, people who happen to live in the real world and deal with very unpleasant realities every day.

So yes he brings up topics that others find controversial. He doesn't think that holding our common government to task for past sins or attempting to prevent further sins is somehow worthy of condemnation. And neither do I.

He mentioned repeatedly that governments change, governments lie, and governments kill innocent people. He beleives that's why it's a very dangerous situation when people seem to think the government is infallable and that anyone who dares criticize them or speak the truth about them should be attacked and denigrated and destroyed.

Yet that's the entire premise of this campaign by the right to attempt to smear by association Barack Obama.

To fall for it means that you have to make your decisions and form your opinions out of near total ignorance and fear, period.

Ignorance of who Rev. Wright is and what he actually stands for and is attempting to accomplish, ignorance of what the black church is all about, where they come from and why they focus on black issues, and fear.... fear of black people in general, that allows people to somehow consider any black preacher a threat simply by hearing him raise his voice.

An absurdity illustrated when John Stewart on his show asked Obama a question revealing the irrational fear the right gleefully exploits, "If you're elected president Sen. Obama, are you planning to enslave the white race?"

Those Republicans trying to exploit the sound bites of Wright and from them spinning a tale worlds away from reality, and those who willfully pretend as if it's a valid issue, including those in the press who should know better, are all treating us, all of us, as if we are IDIOTS.

It's not worth their time apparently to bother to look into something that's been hyped beyond measure. Not worth any investigation. Reporters actually looked through Wright's church bulletin and called names from the list of ill and shut-ins, including a woman in a hospice, and harrassed them for stories. There have also been multiple death threats made against Wright, the current pastor of the church, and threats to fire-bomb the church. Nice people those Republicans.

All of this based on sheer ignorance and a few sound clips taken out of context.

And no one in the press apparently thinks it's worth looking further. The reason is that Wright talks about things that the major press have studiously avoided.

America never does any wrong. Never does anything for other than the purest of motives. Our leaders never lie, and we should never mention the slaughter of indians, interment of Japanese during WWII, slaughter of innocent Japanese, Germans, Koreans, Vietnamese, Philipinos, and innocents in Granada and Panama, and certainly not the hundreds of thousands of INNOCENT men, women, and children slaughtered in Iraq and Afghanistan.

And worse yet, more insane, is the fact that anyone such as Wright who actually speaks about these things is immediately smeared and condemened as some loon.

Why are we so terrified of facing up to what our government has done in our names, and with our money? Are we a nation in the throes of deep, pathological denial?

(The government recently prevented the press from covering a funeral at Arlington Cemetary of a decorated war hero, even when the family requested that the press be there, demanding that the press stay so far away from the services that it was impossible to hear anything. Of course it's also forbidden to photograph any flag-draped coffins arriving at Dover Air Force Base as well.)

All Wright is saying to his flock is that we should not ignore the immoral actions of our own government. Wright wants our government to act in a moral way in keeping with Christianity. Apparently this notion is far too "radical" and is clearly the dangerous agenda of a madman, as many in the press have openly called Wright.

But Wright speaks better for himself. Go watch the interview here. You'll actually be able to listen to the sermons from which the infamous tiny sound bites were taken, (out of context), and get to see what he was actually talking about, what his message actually WAS. (what a radical concept.) Go on, it won't take that long, and it won't kill you.

And it will make you better informed, (that is unless you're the type who really WANTS to stay ignorant for political purposes).

Maybe it won't change your impression of Wright, who knows? But at least you'll know more about what you're talking about. It might even make you realize that this entire right wing smear effort is nothing but an effort to fan a big nothing into a big something with a ju-jitsu move thrown in to the middle where you're supposed to somehow believe Wright and Obama are the same person, all designed to prey on ignorant people's fears. Don't be ignorant. Watch, and more importantly, listen.


At 4/27/2008 10:00 AM, Anonymous No Nonsense said...


Yesterday I combed the internet looking for a single article about the Rev. Wright‘s interview and I could not find one single article in any of the MSM. I wondered if they ashamed of their behavior after they saw the interview. I knew that his words were taken out of context and never understood why they would continue to make such hateful allegations if they actually listened to the sermon. Who is charge at networks?

I am beginning to believe that we have gotten to a terrible state in journalism where no research is being done at all. Its shameful propaganda and devious at best. I also find that it’s disrespectful to the American people to spin a well meaning sermon into propaganda for nefarious purposes. There should be a public outcry for Hannity to resign! He lied and continues to do so. Where is the angry now?

I think the best line in the interview was when he said that if all you ever knew of Jesus was a continuous bit of him flogging the merchants out of the temple we would have a different impression of him. I said “AMEN”

At 4/27/2008 10:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It seems as though the corporate media has a "gentleman's agreement" to chastise Rev. Wright by repeatedly mentioning the clip and his connection to Obama. No one seems to connect Hillary to her "under fire by snipers" story and later admitting she made " a mistake" and that she was groggy from lack of sleep when she said thtt--and that she "was human."
How can we trust her at 3 a.m.? The pundits don't seem to worry about that or the war in Iraq which is what 70% of us want ended.

At 4/29/2008 1:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know more than enough about Wright to determine that he is a radical loon with an enormous ego. If you want to grant him some "place" by virtue of nothing other than your own misguided desire, so be it, but you are simple and foolish. This is just another dinosaur from the 60s, seizing his 15 minutes in pursuit of the "glory" he was never justly afforded. Pathetic, as are all that defend him....

At 4/29/2008 9:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would like to know Dope if Obama has been tested to see if he is black enough? He is a lawyer and this would suggest that he has a logical brain and would not seem to have the right brain subjective trait.
I would like to know what you think about this?
Also I was wondering if Rev Wright doesn't have a touch of the left brain objective trait in his background?
These are questions that must be answered.

At 4/30/2008 2:56 AM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

Anon 1:58 a.m.

I'd suggest something much more simple. The fact you insist Wright is a racist without being able to provide even one clear example means that you're the one not being honest or thinking clearly.

Think about it.

And I defend Wright's right to speak and say whatever he wants to say, wherever and whenever he chooses.

I did think that he had a chance to do some good by being handed this spotlight.

Sadly, he's seemed to blow it with his appearance at the National Press Club.

He's a proud man, and has every right to be, and he refuses to play politics.

This is too bad for Obama, but for the country at large. While Wright has every right to say what he says, and say it any way he wishes, he also should be smart enough not to willfully damage the campaign of someone he supposedly supported.

Wright now appears to be indulging in some sort of twisted revenge against Obama for daring to distance himself from him.

Needless to say, this isn't the actions of someone who claims to be a person of character.

But Wright may have indeed done Obama a favor, in a convoluted way.

Obama, to his credit, refused to condemn Wright as a person after Wright's statements were taken out of context and spread all over.

That was the right thing, and the honorable thing to do.

But now Wright repays this generousity of spirit from Obama with what appears to be petty and egotistical grandstanding and attempts to suggest that Obama actually agrees with Wright and only is distancing himself for political reasons.

The press and right wing loons were all insisting that Obama come out and issue some sort of stronger statement condemning Wright, insisting that he obey their dictates that anyone who expresses ideas or views not right down the middle be condemned and shamed.

Obama resisted initially, to his credit.

But now Wright, by coming out and acting like such a buffoon, and handing the right so much ammunition to use, has in effect given Obama permission, and made it imperitive that he issue the condemnation and refutation of Wright that the press all demanded he do weeks ago.

Before Wright's recent behavior, if Obama had come out and tossed him overboard, it would have risked alienating a large portion of the black vote.

Now, I suspect that very few people, let alone blacks, feel that Obama had any choice but to reject Wright and his views.

Wright in effect put Obama in a position where he had to reject him completely, and thus further innoculated him from the attempt to somehow conflate him with Wright.

It will be far harder now that Obama has severed all ties to Wright.

We'll still hear desperate bleatings and whining that Obama should have somehow walked out of the church at the first whiff of anything controversial, but that too lame to hold up over the long haul.

Simply put, as I have several times, Obama is not Wright, Wright is not Obama. Case closed.

If you want to still try to make that case, then you must also agree that McCain shares the view of Rev. Hageee, a man who's support McCain actively sought and who's support he's not renounced, that the Catholic church is a "whore".

As to the notion that anyone defending Wright is pathetic, I suggest that anyone who rejects everything Wright speaks about without A. Hearing the entire sermon or speech in context, and B. Does so without devoting a second's thought to what he's saying or whether there's a basis in truth to it, is pathetic. Not to mention dishonest.

At 4/30/2008 2:57 AM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

Anon 9:26.

Obama may be a lawyer, but I think you need the services of a psychiatrist.

I'm afraid I couldn't detect any sense in your comment.

At 4/30/2008 8:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dope, even Obama has denounced Wright. He called his statements disrespectful to Obama and they stand against everything that Obama believes in. Obama stated that he was outraged and saddened by Wright's comments.
When will you agree with Obama and denounce this whack job? When will you be a good American and denounce this kind of Hate talk.

At 5/01/2008 2:49 AM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

Anon 8:38

And just who are you? Some sort of McCarthite thought police?

Who the hell are you to demand that I use this or that adjective against Rev. Wright?

Spoken like the true quasi-totalitarian right winger you are.

We must all pledge oaths and be seen to condemn any African American who actually shouts and scares the crap out of frustrated white males such as yourself. I see.

If you'd read my comments, you'd already see that I don't think Wright did Obama any good, and that as far as a politician, which of course he's not, he's about as bad as it gets.

But again, it's not my place to use any of the ridiculous words you and the other brownshirts seem to require. Who would want to play that idiotic game anyway? You're never satisfied.

Obama could say he "rejects" Wright's comments. Then that's not good enough and some idiot demands that he "condemn" them. OK, so he says he condemns them. Nope, that's not good enough, then your type whines, "Why hasn't Obama stated that he repudiates Wright??"

OK, Obama can come out and say he repudiates him.

Nope, nothing's ever good enough. The pundits and right wing loons will be on air instantly saying, "Sure, he "repudiates" Wright, but why hasn't he said he finds him reprehensible? Why??!!!"

It's a mindless and silly exercise in ridiculousness, not to mention more than a bit creepy to hear a party demanding that candidates all swear by the same slogan. Sounds like something that would happen in China, not the U.S.

And of course, with a few exceptions, everything that Wright said about our government is indisputably true.

If you're in an uproar about someone telling the truth, I suggest that you do a little self-examination yourself.

Of course, it's more likely that you simply think any African American who yells during sermons is enough to convince you they're somehow dangerous. That alone would cause you to think he should be vilified.

You could save a lot of shucking and jiving if you'd just come out and admit that you don't want a black man as president, and so are willing to spend endless amounts of time and energy trying to attack his former minister, for God's sake (no pun intended) as if it has any sort of importance to who Obama is and what he stands for.

You're doing nothing but purposely acting the fool. (I hope it's purposely, though in a way that's worse than just being an idiot)

You'll keep playing these stupid games and making ridiculous charges and slapping labels on Wright that you can't possibly justify or provide any evidence.

It's typical.

But it's your problem, not mine.


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