April 3, 2008

What a group

Take a gander here to see a rougues gallery of as incompetent and/or corrupt cronies as you'll ever see.

With the resignation of corrupt housing secretary Alphonso Jackson (to spend more time with his family, natch), it marks the very last of the pack of Texas boobs put in high positions with not much more qualifications other than they were blindly loyal to George W. Bush, would do whatever he asked, even if illegal or unethical, would never question Bush or do anything but agree, and would eagerly put the interests of Bush far ahead of any notion of duty to the American public.

Every single one, out in disgrace. Tsk, tsk.


At 4/03/2008 3:37 PM, Anonymous nooncat said...

Just one bitty problem: Bush and Cheney are still in DC. How they've gone this long without facing impeachment proceedings is staggering.

At 4/03/2008 6:01 PM, Blogger nicodemus said...

And still.. they could never hold a candle to the scandal-ridden Clinton administration which was a non-stop carousel of corruption.

At 4/03/2008 9:55 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...


I think you're hallucinating and thinking that what Rush Limbaugh told you was facts?

Just what sort of corruption and scandal was associated with the Clinton administation aside from lying about a blow job?

Can you name anyone... anyone, who got indicted or had to resign in disgrace?

Name one.

Otherwise, your assertion that Clinton's administration was anywhere near as corrupt, let alone moreso, is idiotic and based on nothing more than some notion you pulled out of thin air.

At 4/03/2008 11:24 PM, Blogger UMRBlog said...

Here's the part I'm having trouble with: The MSM is saying this a big blow to McFlightSuit. Losing Alphonso wasn't the blow. HIRING Alphonso was the blow. The rest was just putting a date on it.

At 4/04/2008 10:50 AM, Anonymous sueshedap;puhleeze said...

Well why not go further back to St. Ronald Reagan's administration....more indictments and convictions than any other administration, record numbers of small businesses going out of business, (get big government off the backs of big corporations and put it on the little businesses, etc.) "just say no" Mary Antoinette style of addressing social problems....Efraim E. Diveroli from the previous post can be the slacker-boy-arms dealer poster boy for the continuation of this amoral/immoral hypocritical stream that flows from the current gang including President Cheney, ahem, Vice-President Cheney on down the line.
C'mon Americans....we went from Kitty Hawk to the Moon in less than a hundred years.....I'm sure that Spirit is still out there...we can do better than being held hostage and frozen by the fear-rigging going on.
as always...
Write ON, Mr. Dope!


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