February 14, 2008

Thursday night video

Caught this on CNN...

A response to the McCain's apparent campaign theme by way of a parody of the popular "Yes, We Can" video posted here a few days ago.

And I think it might be appropriate to play this at some point during Obama rallies. Seems to fit the mood of the times.


At 2/15/2008 12:59 AM, Anonymous nooncat said...

Remains to be seen, IMO, if people turn out to vote *for* a candidate or *against* the opponent. Limbaugh and Coulter are already playing that game, and it's only February.

At 2/15/2008 1:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The video plays well to the base - however, and I believe that Obama may be tough to beat, Obama will have to dodge the lack-of-experience issue.

November, indeed is a long way off - heck, the Dem convention is a long way off!

At 2/19/2008 12:40 PM, Anonymous nooncat said...

Hmm..."Meet the new boss, same as the old boss"...I hope that's not what to expect from Sen. Obama. Although I could agree with a certain interpretation of "A parting on the left is now a parting on the right."

At 2/19/2008 6:41 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

I had hoped that the end part of the song, where the new leaders find themselves as corrupt as the one's they replaced, could be ignored.

I think the operative thought is that we won't get fooled again.


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