January 9, 2008

Clinton benefits from backlash against press attacks

As I mentioned in my extremely long analysis prior to the New Hampshire primary, I felt the press and pundits had been particularly nasty and even sexist in their near gleeful piling on Hillary Clinton and eager to pronounce her campaign all but over.

Apparently I wasn't the only one, as New Hampshire voters made a mockery of polls and the punditocracy and sent a message that they didn't appreciate the unfair treatment at all.

Clinton's victory was in large part due to support by women voters, who far exceeded any predictions and likely spelled the difference for Hillary. It's hard to avoid the speculation that this was largely due to the exact thing pundits predicted would be Clinton's doom, namely the vastly overblown attention paid to her getting a bit emotional when speaking about the trials of the trail, so to speak.

Another theory easily arrived at is that voters in New Hampshire, famously independent, reacted against the presses over-awed annointing of Obama as the one with the simply insurmountable momentum and rabid overwhelming support.


They were all wrong, as were all of the polls, which has led to their usual self-obsessed navel gazing in an attempt to find a reason they were all so spectacularly wrong. They never stop to realize that they usually are (wrong), nor do they dare consider the fact that they themselves, in their zeal to influence perceptions and thus shape the race, very well may have caused many voters to vote for Clinton as a means of bucking their influence and as a reaction against their fickle promoting of one candidate and trashing another one moment, and then turning on a dime as their notions prove dead wrong. (and bear in mind that folks like Chris Matthews and many others make MILLIONS of dollars, literally, for routinely getting it wrong. Matthews even has a summer home in Nantucket, and like another multi-millionaire completely dependent on huge corporations for their enormous salaries, Tim Russert, not exactly the working class Joes they often portray themselves as.)

What's your take on the upset in New Hampshire?


At 1/10/2008 3:12 PM, Anonymous Hill said...

Obama only enhanced the positive impact for Hillary Clinton when he responded like "a smarmy, prissy
little guy taking a slap at her."

Then Mr. Obama followed with a needless and dismissive, "You're likable enough, Hillary."

At 1/11/2008 3:19 AM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

Rove's comments have been getting a surprising amount of play...though I guess on second thought, it's not surprising at all, being that the pundits absolutely crave any sign of conflict or nastiness. They get absolutely giddy at the thought.

Rove is also reported to have said, "When it comes to making the case against Mrs. Clinton, Mr. Obama comes across as a vitamin-starved Adlai Stevenson. His rhetoric, while eloquent and moving at times, has been too often light as air," he added."

Pretty rough stuff, which makes one wonder why Rove decided he needed to attempt to take a few chunks out of Obama.

Some speculate that he feels that between Obama and Clinton, he feels Republicans would have a better shot against Clinton. But who knows why Rove says anything, and frankly, how can you believe a word he says anyway?


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