October 26, 2007

In an administration where image over substance is the rule, who notices?

It's not surprising that this isn't surprising.

Fema employees posed as reporters at Tuesday's "news briefing" with Deputy Administrator Harvey Johnson because an agency was providing a live video feed to US TV networks, according to the Washington Post.

Six questions were posed by the Fema officials and Mr Johnson even used the typical practice of calling for a "last question".

"I'm very happy with Fema's response," Mr Johnson said in reply to one query from an employee.

After the Washington Post published details of the briefing, which one of its reporters listened to by phone, Mr Johnson apologised for the "error of judgement" and promised to do better in future.

"Our intent was to provide useful information and be responsive to the many questions we have received," he said in a statement.

"We are reviewing our press procedures and will make the changes necessary to ensure that all of our communications are straight forward and transparent."


At 10/28/2007 9:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Talk about SUBSTANCE...

Illinois Senator Jacobs Commended for Siding with Illinois Employers, Instead of the Personal Injury Trial Lawyers
Jacobs Votes 'No' On Legislation that Would Threaten Jobs, Enrich Trial Lawyers

CHICAGO, IL - The Illinois Civil Justice League (ICJL) today commended Senator Mike Jacobs (D-Moline) for his courage in opposing a bill that would threaten Illinois jobs while enriching personal injury trial lawyers.

Senator Jacobs was the lone Democrat vote against SB 1296 - a bill that would make it easier for trial lawyers to go after the defendant with the most money - the deepest pockets - rather than the defendant most responsible for an injury.

"This bill would ensure that defendants can more easily be held liable for more than their fair share in lawsuits simply because they have 'deep pockets,'" said Ed Murnane, president of the Illinois Civil Justice League. "We believe - and fairness demands - that responsible parties should be held responsible for injuries or losses they may have caused. But this is nothing more than a personal injury trial lawyer money-grab that will be another stake in the heart of Illinois' efforts to attract and retain new jobs and business investment."

Added Murnane, "Senator Jacobs' constituents should be proud of their Senator, knowing that he stood up against the clout-heavy trial lawyers in defense of Illinois job creators."

ICJL last month launched a Web site - www.deeppocketsillinois.com - dedicated to building opposition to the legislation.

"If enacted, Senate Bill 1296 will put Illinois further out of step with its neighbors, out of step with fairness, out of step with common sense and drop Illinois deeper into the tort 'hellhole' category that drives businesses out of Illinois," wrote Steven M. Puiszis, president of the Illinois Association of Defense Counsel, in a recent commentary piece. "SB 1296 is bad public policy and should not be passed into law."

The Illinois Civil Justice League is a coalition of Illinois senior citizens, small and large businesses, associations, professional societies, not-for-profit organizations and local governments that have joined together to work for fairness in the Illinois civil justice system. The League's agenda is limited to working for, and preservation of, a civil justice system that is fair to all Illinois citizens and interests.

At 10/28/2007 10:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

More substance...

October 26, 2007
State Senators, Students' Real-Time Media Efforts Add Reality to WIU's Mock Presidential Election

MACOMB, IL - - Illinois' Senator Mike Jacobs (D-Moline) and Senator Kirk Dillard (R-Hinsdale) spoke from their hearts about why they believe in, and work in, their political parties at simulated Democratic and Republican National Conventions Oct. 25 in the Western Illinois University Union Grand Ballroom, which was decked out in red, white and blue banners and hats; colorful state and territory signs; a large party backdrop; and even Uncle Sam roaming the aisle.

Jacobs talked about his emigrant family and his pride in being the fourth member of his family to serve in the Illinois legislature. He encouraged students to get educated in the process of politics and presidential campaigns, to challenge the status quo and to get registered and vote. "If you don't vote, you don't exist," were Jacob's departing words.

Illinois Rep. Rich Myers (R-Colchester), a WIU alumnus, introduced Dillard, also an alumnus and a 1997 Distinguished Alumni Award recipient. Dillard spoke about his time as a student at Western; and how, as a 19-year-old in 1976, he became interested in the process of politics when he heard former President Ronald Reagan speak at Western.

The 15-minute speeches were part of the second evening's keynote speech and platform adoption assemblies in the five-session "The Road to the White House Starts at Western Illinois University" mock presidential election. The education-based simulation began Oct. 23 with Super Tuesday caucuses and primaries. It continues Tuesday, Oct. 30; Thursday, Nov. 1; and concludes Thursday, Nov. 5 with the naming of the 44th President and Vice President of the United States. A complete schedule is listed below and on the web at http://roadtowhitehouse.wiu.edu.

At 10/28/2007 1:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good to see you being so up front about siding with corporate interests in their effort to make it difficult, if not impossible, for an average person to get justice in court.


They really need help, those poor, poor huge companies.

Yeah, that took real "courage" to stand up to the little guy and tell him his legal rights are now limited and his ability to sue for justice is cut off at the knees.

Well done.

Also, we all enjoy verbatim press flack release from the very organization that got the Senator's vote, likely after some fat campaign donations.

Courage... HA!

At 10/29/2007 7:21 PM, Blogger Andy said...

How does this relate to FEMA again???

At 10/30/2007 12:22 AM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...


Please excuse me for engaging with this idiot, but if I don't publish their tripe, they scream all the louder that I "censor" them.

I'll try harder to dump all off topic comments in the future.

It's just that the Jacobs tribe can't wait until something is posted that actually relates to the Senator, so they come stomping in with their muddy boots and muck up the place just to spout their (rather lame) PR schtick.

I'll try harder to weed such stuff out in the future.

At 10/30/2007 2:38 PM, Blogger UMRBlog said...

Why is that, when somebody says "Civil Justice League," I picture guys in tights and capes?

Be careful, leaguers, Robert Smygel may be watching.

What a catchy name for folks who want to take away the common man's key to the courthouse.

At 11/02/2007 8:32 AM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

UMR.. you know, you're right!

And your comment caused me to actually visit this justice league headquarters on the web, where I happened upon their legislative scorecare for the Illinois Senate.

Imagine my surprise to find our Sen. Jacobs rated the very highest Democrat in voting for the rights of big corporations to escape legal liability and to cap their damages when they are found guilty.

Our Sen. Jacobs clocks in with a whopping 67.

Hows that for comparison with other Dems? Well, if you take Jacobs score out, the average of every other Democratic senators scores is 14.27 Yes, you read that right. The AVERAGE score of the 36 other Democratic is 14.27.

Jacobs scored 67, the second highest Dem scored less than HALF that, or 33. The third highest dem was only 25.

And this is the guy who's campaign is trying to beat up on Rumler because he worked for the Chamber of Commerce, saying he represents business over average people?

What a utter scam!

Jacobs votes to protect the wealthy from liability lawsuits more than over a third of REPUBLICANS in the Illinois senate, where 9 of the 22 scored the same or lower than Jacobs.

Who's side is this guy on anyway?


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