October 16, 2007

Guess we can go home now

This report by Thomas Ricks, noted author of the highly regarded book, "Fiasco" , on how Bush and pals royally messed up Iraq, reported yesterday in the Washington Post that military brass are now maintaining that we've pretty much put al Queda in Iraq out of business.

Good. Now maybe we can start to get the hell out?

But this story will expose the truly mythic levels of unreality and lying that are at the core of Bush's Iraq policy.

You see, Bush repeated the term "al Queda" nearly 50 times during one speech alone not too long ago. He was making a little stab at scaring people with al Queda at the time.

Of course, anyone who watches or reads the news recalls how a parade of Republican mouthpieces were trotted out to argue strenuously that the "surge" was, is, and will continue to work.

But in the face of this report, we can now expect the White House to find itself arguing that the surge really didn't work THAT well, and that we still need to stay there ... well, just because.

And the fact that the military reports al Queda as all but washed up in Iraq so closely on the heels of Bush's latest campaign to say that al Queda in Iraq is the main reason we're even IN Iraq. (though we've all lost count of the number of reasons this gang has expected us to swallow, it changes at their convenience.) really shows just how utterly phoney every word that comes out of Bush's mouth truly is. And I don't mean run of the mill politician phoney... I mean phoney as in out and out bald-faced lies told to the American people in a transparent attempt to scare them into supporting the senseless slaughter he so desperately wants to continue.

This could give all the Republican appologists a way to, as they say, declare victory and get out. But Bush has always gotten everything he wants. This is his personal little crusade, it's his toy and he's a spoiled brat, and no one's going to take it away from him.


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