March 9, 2007

Gay stud for pay shows up at highest reaches of conservative politics? Haven't we heard this before?

Jeff "Gannon" Guckert showing up in the front row of White House press briefings, working for a sham conservative news organization and then revealed to have advertised his services as a gay prostitute for hire, Rev. Haggard, leader and hero to millions of evangelicals spending his off moments frolicking with gay prostitutes and buying (but not doing... cough) methamphetamine, and dozens of other instances of prominent right wing Republican figures caught being pedophiles or closet gays.

Is yet another such story even news anymore? The party that considers "fags" to be abominations seems to be awfully fond of them as long as they don't ask and don't tell.

Now we have the tale of Matt Sanchez, buff marine who recently was paraded around (in full military uniform) by prominent conservatives as a prop to demonize the left as an example of a brave all-American hero who had his feelings hurt by some fringe left group at a university. Sanchez parlayed that experience into a major push for attention (and bucks) by writing an op-ed for the New York Post, starting a blog, a MySpace page, and naturally, he's planning a book. (ugh) By the way, Sanchez was 36 and only a junior in college?

Why, the assembled conservative luminaries even presented Sanchez with the "Jeanne Kirpatrick Academic Freedom Award" at the conference.

Oooops. Turns out Matt was gay for pay, posing for pics and making pornos using the name "Rod Majors" and "Pierre LaBranche". (Though he later said that he was "bad at being gay". Wow. Gay, and not even good at it. That's.... sad.)

The "Joemygod" blog provides the story complete with links to Sanchez's escort page and an inteview with Sanchez/Majors/LaBranche.

Sanchez with admirer at CPAC.

A recent post here featured a video clip taken at the CPAC conservative fest by Max Blumenthal. One scene showed right wing loon David Horowitz flanked by a marine who added his two cents of agreement to whatever Horowitz said. It was noneother than "Rod Majors" himself.

Blumenthal explains at Huffington Post:
I don't know if David Horowitz knew Cpl. Matt Sanchez was once a gay porn star and male prostitute when he introduced him to me at last weekend's CPAC. But he did know that Sanchez was an eager yes-man, and a supposed victim of the campus PC thuggery Horowitz has made a career out of decrying.

As Horowitz played cardiologist, ranting to me about how each leftist "has hatred in his heart" and how members of the New Left to which he once belonged had "treason in their hearts," Sanchez stood faithfully by his side, muttering encouragement. "That's right. That's right," Sanchez would say, almost on cue. Whenever I spoke, Sanchez would mumble something under his breath like, "That's such a lie! Omigod!" or "See! Liberals are hateful."

Horowitz probably discovered Sanchez after the ex-Marine appeared on Hannity & Colmes alleging that while studying at Columbia University, he was called a "baby-killer" by members of that school's International Socialist Organization. This alleged episode, which was investigated by Columbia but never confirmed, also earned Sanchez a spot on the O'Reilly Factor.

And of course for those readers who it may escape, it's not about being gay, it's about the hypocrisy and trying to cash in with the right wing noise machine. I guess a whore is a whore is a whore, eh?


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