February 6, 2007

Not everyone's partisan

I was looking something up on Google Earth today and as usual, got a bit side-tracked and started flying around marveling at all the .. well, stuff, that you can see from a birds-eye view there.

At first the view was rather mundane. A patch of semi-rural land just southeast of American Forks, Utah.

Bear in mind that these satellite images aren't always too current, they're compiled from shots taken over a large period of time. (for instance, your house might have the car you used to own sitting in the driveway, or show the tree you had removed last year.)

At any rate, upon dropping altitude, I found a rather inspiring corn maze. Someone obviously wanted to restore a little faith in the American electoral process.
A nice, bi-partisan touch, don't you think? (not to mention it may have been good for business, though I'm not sure how many rabid Kerry fans there were in Utah at the time.)

The maze says, "Believe in America".

A shame the guy on the left got in again. You can still believe in America, but it made it nearly impossible for people here and around the globe to believe in it's leadership. (or the judgement of voters)


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