February 5, 2007

THERE you are...

I was a bit disappointed when it appeared that no one had left comments over the weekend, but figured perhaps everyone was either frozen or watching the Super Bowl or both. Still it seemed odd.

But just a few moments ago, all was revealed.

It seems that the service on which I receive comments for review had somehow designated all comments as spam and thrown them into the appropriate receptical.

The system has some sort of system for detecting spam based on a black list and keywords, I'm assuming, and somehow or other, dozens of comments got scooped into this group.

The spam filter system is usually very good and accurate, so I may have inadvertently deleted a few legitimate comments before noticing that there were several comments in among the spam.

If you don't see your comment posted (unless it was the usual dumb attacks) then please resend and accept my appologies.

And to those whose comments I did rescue, sorry for the delay.

We now return you to our regularly scheduled programming.


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