February 3, 2007

Molly Ivins 1944-2007

Columnist Molly Ivins died February 1st.
We are the people who run this country. We are the deciders. And every single day, every single one of us needs to step outside and take some action to help stop this war.

Raise hell. Think of something to make the ridiculous look ridiculous. Make our troops know we're for them and are trying to get them out of there. Hit the streets to protest Bush's proposed surge.
- From Ivins' last column.

Ivins was not only witty (hilarious even) in her assessment of right wing boobs and hacks, but she was also right, and brave enough to, as she says, make the ridiculous look ridiculous.

Paul Krugman remembers.


At 2/03/2007 6:31 PM, Blogger Dave Barrett said...

There was more truth and wisdom in everything Molly Ivins said than all the Washington pundits combined.
The words you quoted about the need for everyone to hit the streets and raise a ruckus had it exactly right. We cannot count on the Democrats in Congress to stop this President from expanding the war into Iran which he so obviously is planning to do. The only way to stop it is if the 60-70% of the public which oppose this war to go into the streets and raise a ruckus. I remember when President Nixon started bombing Cambodia the college students said "Let's close this schoold down" and they started picketing and shut down about 70 universities. That's the kind of thing we would need now to prevent the President from widening the war.
If people continue to read her words and act upon them she will live forever.


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