December 27, 2006

Pardon our dust

I'm experimenting with moving TID to WordPress. I'm in the process of trying to migrate the entire blog from Blogger to WordPress and I'm not sure if it's working (It appears to be, then restarts on it's own, and never reports more than 28% as being transfered.)

Apparently this process also strips the current blog of formatting, so you'll notice that this process strips out paragraph markers, so all text runs together, etc. Please bear with me until I either get moved to WordPress (which apparently may be a very long process) or have to give up and come back here and try to put things back together the way they were.

Untill then, use this space to comment on whatever you wish, whether it be the legacy of Gerald Ford, or James Brown, or your thoughts on issues of the day.


At 1/02/2007 8:10 PM, Blogger nicodemus said...

About a year ago, I read Gerald's Ford's memoirs, "A Time To Heal". I wish it would come back in print because it is appropriately entitled and it is a good read. Clearly here is a man who had real character and integrity. He had not planned on becoming vice-president or president. But when he got in there, he enjoyed the presidency and did a respectable job.

Ford was very much "on the ball" - much more than people think. Foreign policy is the only thing that the President really has control over and Ford was good in foreign policy. One of the speakers at the funeral today said that Pres. Ford played a role in ending the Cold War and he speaker was correct. The Helsinki Accords and Ford's handling of the Mayaquez Incident are footnotes in history now, but these events would indicate that he was a better than average president. A strong and steady hand.

The Nixon pardon was not the politically popular thing to do, but in retrospect it was the RIGHT thing to do so we could get on with it. I know a lot of people (liberals) who say "I was so mad at Ford for pardoning Nixon but when I look back, he was right!!"

I remember Ford vs. Carter in 1976.
I grew up in a staunchly Democratic household so I remember we were strong for Jimmy Carter and I remember that it was instilled in me at an early age that any Republican- especially those associated with Nixon, were the "bad guys". Today, when I think about it, that was probably the last time when America had 2 decent presidential candidates. Both of them were political moderates and decent men. Carter and Ford became friends in later years.

Look at what lousy choices we have for president nowadays! - whether it be Dubya or Slick Willie or any of their associates. We need people in politics today who have the qualities of Jerry Ford - someone who would put the national interest first, AHEAD of his self-interest and narrow partisan agenda.


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