November 2, 2006

It's crunch time. Get involved!

The talking continues and the goofy diversions are coming fast and furious. The static is increasing and will get more bizarre and intense over the next few days.

All the arguments, all the signs, ads, fussing and fighting will be in the past come this Tuesday, all the talking heads and blogs and pundits won't mean a thing.

All that will matter is for people to vote. And there's one fact that is beyond debate, whichever party or candidates are most sucessful with getting voters to the polls will likely prevail.

For this to happen, it takes people willing to put their feet where their mouth is, so to speak. (and not like Kerry) There are many ways you can help out, and it doesn't require a huge committment.

Everyone is welcome, and everyone can contribute in some way, large or small. Some positions pay $50 as well. Please do what you can.

At the very least, call the number below and see if there's something you can do. And let 'em know The Inside Dope sent you.

Anyone who wants to help with Democratic campaign efforts can call the Friends of Phil Hare office to get plugged into something for the entire slate of Democrats.

There will be work in the offices and in the field both outside and in the precincts, so people can say what they prefer.

Election Day, Tuesday November 7th, work will begin in the morning at varying times, and run until close to the closing of the polls at 7:00p.m.

The more volunteers the better.

You need to call soon so you can attend brief training session, which are to take place this Saturday.

Fine Americans who wish to do their part can call 309-788-4273 during business hours and somewhat beyond as there are usually people working in the offices at night as well.

The address for Friends of Phil Hare is 313 17th Street, Rock Island, IL 61201.

On election day, there will be some other office locations set up that volunteers can report to in the Moline and East Moline areas but the starting point is to call the main office in Rock Island at the number above.

Volunteers can talk to Pat O'Brien, Mike Ramos, or other staff about election day activities in RI County and how they can get plugged into the efforts.


Another fantastic way to help out without leaving the comfort of your own palatial home is provided by

Not only is is simple and easy, but it allows you to be able to help in areas of the country where races are even more critical and close.

Simply sign up online and you can call voters in key districts throughout the country and get out the vote. It's a really slick set up and since most cell phones have unlimited free long distance, it doesn't cost anything.

Just click here and get hooked up. A great and easy way to really help in a meaningful way.

Let's GO!!! Help out a bit and you'll be part of a great night for Dems.


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