October 18, 2006

A chance to help

Local blogger Dave Barett posts an appeal to the public to help out a woman in serious need of a medical procedure. It wouldn't take many people pitching in a bit to help this woman get the surgery she needs.

Maria Hernandez is an unemployed, 36 year old mother of four. Her husband works for a temp agency. They have lived in Moline for 11 years. Maria has a progressively enlarging goiter in her throat that is painful and makes it increasingly difficult for her to swallow. She was referred to a surgeon who recommended that she have it surgically removed. They have no health insurance and because she is not a US citizen, Maria is not eligible for a Medical Card.

Trinity Hospital has approved Maria for their financial aid program. There is no problem with getting her into the hospital. However, General Surgery Associates is insisting that she pay the total amount $2,600 up front before they will do the surgery. Even though the Hernandez family has paid their doctor bills so far, the doctor’s office will not accept a payment plan for the surgery.
Does the fact that the woman is an unemployed non-citizen make a difference in your desire to help out? Should it?


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