July 4, 2006

Independence Day Parade in East Moline

Here's a few shots from the annual July 4th parade in East Moline.
Unfortunately, I didn't get there in time and missed some parade entries, but here's a few I did see. (as always, click on pictures to see larger version)

Here we see a young man putting a hex on the Republican entry.

The Schwigen for Sheriff car was very cool.
If only Barney Fife was driving it.

Judging from the fact that every politician I was able to see today had one, (with the exception of Jeff Terronez) getting a custom paint job on a vehicle of some sort is required practice in order to run for office these days.
Judging from Zinga's, I wouldn't recommend picking an Avalanche. (though they were probably giving them away. They're the Zima of cars.)

Jim Beals inspires a spectator to check his watch.

The Beals entry featured a live (sort of) band on a trailer.

The "Haremobile" was enormous!

And so was Hare.

Jeff Terronez had just hopped in his car before this shot.

I have several more shots, but Blogger is making it impossible to upload them at the moment. I'll try to see if it's in a better mood later.


At 7/04/2006 8:43 PM, Blogger V.F. said...

Congratulations to all Americans!

Happy Birthday, America!

Victor, Portugal.

At 7/04/2006 11:15 PM, Blogger Sally Munson said...

I always new that you were a Republican. What a Bad way to conduct business.

At 7/04/2006 11:32 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

Thanks for the kind words about our country. I'd like to appologize for the current management.

Viva Portugal!

At 7/04/2006 11:34 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

Sally, you must be a roads skoler or sumpthin.

I have no idea what you're talking about, and it seems neither do you.

At 7/05/2006 2:47 PM, Blogger del said...

You are truely an equal opportunity promoter - you have a love/hate relationship with most everyone running in the race - democrat or republican. You must be an independent.

At 7/05/2006 10:01 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

Del, you (and others) just won't rest until you can put me in a neat little catagory and tie it up with a bow. Tsk, tsk.

You can keep trying, but you'll probably change your assesment 12 times before the week's over.

I find it quite interesting that some feel that if you poke fun of or are even mildly critical of any Democrat whatsoever for any reason at all, you're therefore a hard-core Republican.

And now since I have no mercy on Republicans and tweak Dems from time to time, you figure I belong in the independent box.

I've never thought about it, but yes, I am independent, if that means that I'm not a mindless follower and don't think one person or party is 100% right all the time.

But it comes as a shock to think of myself as anything but a Dem.

Maybe some particular Dems around here have managed to turn a solid Dem into an independent. That's quite possible, considering how hard they tried to turn me completely against them.

At 7/07/2006 9:49 PM, Blogger demsprin said...

You know, the pictures are pretty good but to be fair to all candidates why not include all the others so you balance that out. Also, you know it's pretty damn mean to make fun of someone's weight. I know Phil Hare, and I know he battles keeping his weight down. That's just a bit too personal.

At 7/07/2006 10:40 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you hadn't read the other post with parade shots in it.

I explained in this post that I got to the parade late and didn't see the whole thing. Please don't simply ignore this fact.

I knew that no matter how many times I explained and in how many different ways, there would be some people who would insist on accusing me of not being "fair.

So far, including you, I've received just that from three people.

It never fails to amaze me. Maybe people just don't even bother reading the posts? I don't know.

As to Hare's weight. Pretending that he's not big is ridiculous.

If he's struggling with his weight, he needs to struggle a little harder.


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