June 10, 2006

Sad and ugly actions mar end of Evan's long career.

Like hyenas circling a wounded animal, Lane Evans' brothers, the Dispatch/Argus, the Associated Press and of course, several lawyers, are all contributing to a greater or lesser extent to making Lane Evans' increasingly difficult struggle against Parkinson's Disease even more stressful, sad, and demeaning.

Evan's challenged his two brother's attempt to make their guardianship permanent, and that issue was resolved fairly quickly and apparently with a minimum of rancor or conflict. That's the good news.

A judge hearing the case assigned personal guardianship for Evans to Dennis King, Evans' friend since college and chief of staff and financial guardianship to American Bank & Trust.

When the Dispatch/Argus and Associated Press, not wanting to leave any scab un-picked, requested they be able to have access to the proceedings, the judge rightly ruled against them by noting they had no standing in the case.

Now they plan to petition the court for access to the records of the proceedings.

They've already gotten full details of the agreement, statements from the lawyers involved who can legally discuss it, and have reported every minute detail of the figures involved and their roles and backgrounds.

Yet this is not enough. They want the juicy bits. The personal. The embarassing. They want the court records containing confidential and detailed reports on Evan's health issues and the evidence used by the judge to base his decision that Evan's required guardianship.

They want the dirt, in other words.

The argument is made that due to Evans' public stature, that health records normally considered strictly confidential in any other case should be made available to the public. Some argue that Evans should resign if his condition would require appointing guardianship.

The right and apparently the Dispatch/Argus are salivating at the chance to further demean Evans while he battles for his life at the end of a long and honorable career. They're ready to go to battle for the right to kick a sick man while he's down, even though there's only a relatively brief time left in his term.

Personally, I don't know how they justify it.

They even sunk to reporting with an arched eyebrow, "[Evans] was consoled by Mr. Winstein and a woman who would only identify herself as 'a friend.'" Ooooh la la! Scandalous! Evans has a female friend. STOP THE PRESSES!

If Evans has any reason to weep, it's that creepy jackals of the press are bound and determined to strip him of all dignity while he's struggling to avoid sliding into a debilitated state.

I'm sure we can look forward to similar reporting on Evan's funeral on that hopefully distant date, complete with hints of scandal and inuendo about who attends, who crys, and how much the casket cost.

Of course, they might be expected to sue for the right to exume the body to examine it themselves as well.

The way the Dispatch/Argus is covering this story is nothing short of tasteless, graceless, utterly unecessary, and crude.

If only they'd exibit such bulldog tenacity and drive to get to the bottom of things on the many underexamined follies of local Republicans and developers, they might have a leg to stand on.


At 6/11/2006 3:37 PM, Blogger DookOfURL said...

Some comments:

As an Evans non-cult member, it is astounding to me that some people think that their duly elected representive to Congress should not have to disclose his level of competency. Am I to believe that the Evans Cult members assume that Evans' unelected staff has been doing his work for years anyway, so why bother the man with details about his abilities and competency?

$17,000.00+ for legal fees? Wowser.

We are supposed to be good sheep and baaaaa at the fact that Lane's brother couldn't handle his affairs because he lives in CA, but Lane's Chief-of-Staff, who lives in Maryland can? Can you say baaaaaa? Will Lane be living out his life in DC? If so, he should tell us.

Concerning Evans' "friend". This is hilarious! As a person who lacks a Y chromosome, let me tell you that a "friend" who shows up at a court hearing in a hot pink ensemble, rather than in a white blouse and conservative dress suit is screaming Look At Me! Look At Me! and is not interested in flying below the media radar. Just trust me on this.

One last thing----you mention that the press should examine the doings of "local Republicans". Who knew any such thing existed in RICO? Thanks for the 411 Dope!

At 6/11/2006 4:32 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

Look in Moline city government. They've infested that body for some time now.

At 6/12/2006 4:20 PM, Blogger DookOfURL said...

It's just wrong to frame this as "Lane The Victim". Good lord, he has known he has had Parkinson's for over a decade. He has had ample time to decide how he would leave politics. He could have chosen to make the '04 campaign his last and gone out with class, dignity and honor. Instead he chose to push the envelope and manipulate the system so that his long time crony will be assured his seat in Congress. He screwed the GOP, he screwed his fellow Dems, and he screwed the rest of us----that ain't a victim----that's a playa.

And about this court brouhaha. Please. Evans has known about his Parkinson's for years, and you'd assume any intelligent person in the country would have executed POAs and done estate planning after the Schaiavo debacle. But no. Our brave and fearless Congressman chose to do nothing and instead chose courtroom drama.

Poor Lane Evans----victim of the heartless press and evil Republicans. Yeah, I'm cryin'.

Oh, and those "Republicans" you say inhabit Moline? Please. They're just less liberal Democrats.

At 6/12/2006 6:47 PM, Blogger highxlr8r said...

Again, Dookofurl, you throw around baseless accusations as gospel, and as usual come off as ignorant.

Knowing you have Parkinson's doesn't mean you know when it will take a turn for the worse. Up until February, he was feeling as weel as be expected and doing fine. When something hits, it hits. Cheney knows he has a heart problem, and he could have left office after one term with Bush with class and dignity, but he could suffer a debilitating heart attack at any minute and be incapacitated.

If public servants want to serve and keep being elected, so be it.

Also, you persist in perpetrating this myth that somehow this entire series of events has been coordinated. Remember, we're Democrats. We're not that organized!

At 6/12/2006 7:36 PM, Blogger DookOfURL said...

Sorry hi, but when you say Lane was "doing fine" up until February, you're lying. In the few rare, heavily stage managed appearances Evans made during the previous years, he was barely coherent. The man could not make himself understood. This alone should have been an indication that Lane was not "fine". John Beydler blogged about Lane's appearance at Illiniwik Park for the annual Labor Day confab, and he said that Lane was barely intelligible----and Beydler is an admitted Evans' fan. This was September 05, not even a year after Lane lied to us and said he could "do the job" if re-elected.

Did we really want or need a representative in Congress who couldn't even communicate, give speeches or preside over the one committee where he was ranking member? Is that you're idea of serving the district? If so, that's setting the bar pretty damned low.

At 6/13/2006 9:23 AM, Blogger Anon 10:32 said...

When you see Lane give his guardianship to his political friend over his family it shows what power the Machine has. We will not let anything get in the way of our chosen one.

At 6/14/2006 11:54 AM, Blogger del said...

Maybe his new guardian is a really GOOD friend.

At 6/14/2006 10:47 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

I see the "nudge, nudge, wink, wink" brigade has arrived.

Frankly, I can't imagine caring less as to how close this friend is, and I find it baffling as to why anyone would.


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