June 10, 2006

36th District State Senate Race Discussion

Knock yourselves out.


At 6/25/2006 2:22 PM, Blogger Sally Munson said...

I feel that Senator Mike Jacobs is the best man for the job. He has been very progressive. He has gotten the money for WIU planning and has the money for the project in the capital budget. He is a real go getter. If only the legislature would pass this budget our hopes of WIU will become a reality. His love of education is apparent. Senator Jacobs is very interested in libraries and his committment shows with his library initiative. Senator Jacobs picture is on the library posters and the bookmarks. An added bonus is that he is very easy on the eyes.

At 6/25/2006 9:36 PM, Blogger Slack-jawed Yokel said...

"Sally", God love ya, but you're a very shallow person.

We all better pray that people haven't started basing their choice of state senator on which pol can get their mug on a bookmark in exchange for voting a bunch of dough for libraries.

That must be REALLY tough.

At 6/25/2006 10:04 PM, Blogger Sally Munson said...

I believe that the number one priority of our country should be on education. Senator Jacobs has secured money for planning the WIU riverfront campus. He has also gotten the funding for building this great project in the capital budget. I hope that either candidate for the Senate will endorse this budget for the sake of our children so that we can move onto other issues. The library system is the backbone of education and learning period. For Senator Jacobs to be the head of the READ Illinois program speaks volumes for this young man.

At 6/25/2006 10:10 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

Thanks for sending that along, senator.

At 6/26/2006 2:32 PM, Blogger del said...

I had heard you were cynical regarding Senator Jacobs but can't believe that you would accuse a commenter who signs their name as being him. What a hoot!

At 6/26/2006 9:37 PM, Blogger Sally Munson said...

You are a very immature individual. To accuse me of being Senator Jacobs is plain wrong and I demand an apology. I am sorry to see that you have reduced yourself to being a name caller and a bad one at that. I declare that you try and be fair about you site. This is the kind of thing that gives you and blogs a bad name. I have a different opinion than you so you start with the name-calling. Your ethics need to be more professional. I thought that you seemed like a nice educated young man, however I now have seen that you are not. I believe that this is a bad attempt to run me off of this site but you will not get rid of me this easily. I am here for the long haul.

I will be waiting for your apology.

At 6/27/2006 2:34 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

I have no idea who you are, but your comment contained several elements which have been repeatedly pushed in hundreds of comments here over the past year. I've come to recognize them like the back of my hand, as well as the distinct style of writing.

If I'm wrong about the source, I apologize, but I'm not the least bit convinced I am.

Even your reply had all the hallmarks of the comments I've gotten hundreds of times.

I didn't engage in "name-calling" as you repeatedly accuse me of. I simply noted that basing your support of Jacobs on the fact that he supports kid's reading (a real profile in courage) and got his mug on a bookmark because of it, and the fact you think he's good looking is pretty damn shallow.

Maybe you have deeper reasons for your support, (I hope so) but I had only your comment to go on.

I get a kick out of you "declaring" that I should be "more fair".

All I could think of was, "1, 2, 3, 4, I declare a thumb war." Sorry.

And you know what? I am fair. I publish your comments. I (or anyone else) respond. You respond back. That's fair, isn't it?

Nor am I trying to "run you off". You can believe that if it helps, but you're more than welcome to continue to comment here. I'm glad you're determined to do so, even though it's for a misguided reason.

I'm sure we'll all look forward to hearing more from you about the senator's accomplishmnts and virtues.

By the way, I'm not that smart, (obviously. Would I be doing this?) but I am nice.

I don't tolerate BS too well though, and it really wrecks my "niceness" when I detect it.

At 6/28/2006 1:54 PM, Blogger Sue Preston said...

I am a registered Republican excited about the races this November. I was deeply ashamed to see that Mr. Beal’s mentioned in the paper that he got his jaw broken in a drunken fight in a tavern. I think that he should drop out of the race as this is not the image that we want to send to our children. We could appoint a more appropriate candidate, one that is not rolling around on the floor fighting. Mr. Beal’s needs to learn that we need to talk out our differences and not use physical violence to get our way. The best thing for him to do is to drop out of the race. What an embarrassment. What would compel this man to bring this subject up in the paper? It is truly disturbing

At 7/01/2006 2:47 PM, Blogger Gerrod Andresen said...

Ms. Preston, I'm assuming that you are referring to the D/A article which states that Mr. Beals "was sucker-punched by someone in late December and the jaw had to be wired shut." It does not say anything about being involved in a drunken fight or rolling around on the floor fighting.

In fact, although it was very difficult for him, I spoke with Mr. Beals while his jaw was still wired. He explained that he was leaving a tavern when he was "sucker-punched." From his account, it is my understanding that he neither initiated nor reciprocated the violence. Therefore, it is unfair to categorize him in the manner that you did.

At 7/01/2006 3:14 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

Having no knowledge of the incident under discussion, I still note the following.

It's nearly unheard of for someone to walk out of a tavern and get their clock cleaned for no reason whatsoever.

It is much more likely that for some reason or other, someone was inspired to wait until Beals left the premises in order to punch his lights out, or that some words were exchanged outside which led to the beating.

Secondly, you're correct in that it's not really a fight if you confront someone and they promptly punch you so hard and so effectively that it breaks your jaw.

I don't think it's necessary to explain that Beals didn't "reciprocate". He was probably laid out on the ground and semi-conscious before he had a chance.

Whoever it was that felt inspired to jack Mr. Beals' jaw, must have been pretty committed to the idea.

And Mr. Beals, it would seem, either has an exagerated idea of his own ability to fight, or severely underestimated that of the person he pissed off. (or a combination of the two)

This is usually the result of consuming enough alchohol to become 10 ft tall and bullet-proof.

At 7/01/2006 4:25 PM, Blogger JUST-THE-FACTS said...

Sue Preston. You are a phony. I looked up all registered voters and you do not exist. You must be a registered Democrat spreading lies under a false name.

At 7/01/2006 4:30 PM, Blogger JUST-THE-FACTS said...

I have got the meet this Beals guy. He must be a real threat and have a good chance of winning.

Mike Jacobs got his job from his daddy, but I think he is really a mamas boy.

I really do not like how Mike got his job. Appointments are wrong and there were better qualified people like Mark Schwiebert.

At 7/01/2006 4:31 PM, Blogger JUST-THE-FACTS said...

Does Beals post to this site, maybe we should ask him what happened. I have read and heard too many stories already.

At 7/01/2006 4:36 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

Beals hasn't commented here to my knowledge, at least not under his real name. But needless to say, he's perfectly free to comment if he wishes.

At 7/01/2006 4:38 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

Beals hasn't commented here to my knowledge, at least not under his real name. But needless to say, he's perfectly free to comment if he wishes.

A reminder as well. If registering with Blogger is an obstacle, the "Registration How-To" link in the sidebar may be of help.

At 7/05/2006 9:06 AM, Blogger Sue Preston said...

I love people like you just-the-facts. You think that you know things but you don't. I am and have been a registered voter for 22 years. You don't know what you are talking about. I agree with the inside dope. You don't get punched in the mouth for nothing. Just putting yourself in this position is nothing to be proud of. What kind of a place does this happen in. No place that I go to.
Very foolish behavior.

At 7/10/2006 2:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gee, I'm stupid. It only took me three weeks to get the connection between "Knock Yourselves Out" in this post and Beals getting cold-cocked.

I'd love to hear both sides of that story.

I've been in a few bars here and there and anytime an evening ended up in fisticuffs, there was a well-defined reason. Not a reason I always I wanted to own up to, but still, there was always a reason.

At 7/10/2006 2:29 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

Huck, in this instance, you're not stupid, you're way ahead of me.

I didn't intend any glancing reference to Beals' smacking his face into someone's fist, but thanks for noting it! ha!

And I'm with ya on your view of the incident. As I wrote above, an utterly unprovoked attack at a bar, while not impossible, is about as rare as hen's teeth.

Now whether the provocation was real or imagined, or even came close to deserving a busted jaw is another matter entirely.

Like the old observation goes, sometimes people can punch someone just for looking at them the wrong way.

It's also been my experience that some guys will be inspired to fight a guy simply because their girlfriend of wife is obviously attracted to them or fawning over them, even if the guy in question is a perfect gentleman.

Needless to say, bar fights aren't known for their logic or solid justification.

But.... Beals messed up one way or another, I'd put money on that.

At 7/10/2006 3:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL. "In this instance" I'm not stupid. Thanks a lot!

At 7/10/2006 3:15 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

HA! Now you know that's not what I meant!!! haha!

You have to include the rest... the "you're way ahead of me" part for context.

I'll let you know if you're ever stupid. ha!

At 7/12/2006 2:03 PM, Blogger super woman said...

Mike I hope that really isn't you. I am already having hard time bringing myself to support you and then there is a chance you could be acting like an old lady named sally who loves edu and libraries. Please stop if that is you.

At 7/13/2006 8:06 AM, Blogger Gerrod Andresen said...

John Beydler, from the Passing Parade, has tracked down the facts behind James Beals broken jaw. There is also a discussion of Beals military service and business experience here.

At 7/25/2006 10:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The last few comments in the Passing Parade post "36th District stuff ..." are getting interesting regarding Beals' work history.

At 9/12/2006 12:23 AM, Anonymous Administrator said...

The following comment was improperly left on the election prediction thread and moved here.

At 11/9/06 22:52, Anonymous said...

I was for Western being built in Moline until I saw who was pushing it. Jacobs doesn't do anything unless it benefits him. James Beals may have gotten his jaw broken at Hollars Bar, but at least he isn't for Western, or some high-speed train between Rock Island and Chicag.

We need more and better shops. James Beals is pro-labor and almost a Democrat. Don't belive any of that stuff about Jimmy being pro-choice, he is for woemen's rights.

At 9/12/2006 12:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beals is SUING Hollars Bar now. Nice move to sue a business in the town you are running for office in. Can you say Mortgage Forclosure?

What kind of shops do you think will be opening in Moline with Beals at the helm? Lets build some more tractors. That ought to work.

Almost a democrat. Wow. I got a card from him at a parade and it said that he was the State Senator (never used the word "candidate") and failed to mention a party affiliation.

Maybe he is counting his chickens before they have hatched.

Take the word Maybe out of that sentence.

At 9/14/2006 10:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am so sick and tired of everyone acting like to get WIU here would be good for the area. I am with Beals on this one. It is time to worry about the little guy not the educated elite. We can do better that a University and all the youthful problems that come with it.

At 9/14/2006 11:05 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

You're attitude towards the WIU project and education in general is ridiculous on its face.

If you want to help the "little guy" then this project is just the thing. How is it going to help this mythical little guy by keeping locals ignorant and untrained in the complex skills needed to compete in a global market?

Would you rather that the youth of the area remain uneducated and qualified to do nothing but flip burgers, dig ditches, or make marketing calls?

Or, as I suspect, are you actually a Jacobs partisan trying to be oh-so-clever by suggesting that Beals is anti-WIU and anti-education? There's nothing to suggest that's the case to my knowledge.

Your comment is so stupid that it's hard to believe that anyone but a Jacobs trying some dirty trick would even put it forward.

At 9/16/2006 5:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon: I see you aren't a big fan of WIU coming to town. I’m with Dope (something I don't want to say around Jeff Terronez). WIU is crucial to the advancement of the QCA. I will give you one example.

You say we need new manufacturing businesses in town. I agree, and WIU will help with that. Macomb just picked up Pella Windows. This would not have happened if WIU had not supported Pella with the promise of job training. The University helps you, believe it or not.

~Scott- Proud WIU Graduate
(Blogger won't let me post since I moved to Blogger Beta... big mistake)

At 9/17/2006 4:46 PM, Blogger James M. Beals said...

I fully support the WIU expansion.

TID, I would appreciate meeting you.

James M. Beals, State Senate candidate, 36th District

At 9/17/2006 8:12 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

James, thanks for clearing this up. I suspected that it was the usual gang of slugs trying to spread lies and rumor.

And you may have already met me, or not.

Seeing as I wish to keep my anonymity and privacy intact, I don't think any face to face meetings would be possible or prudent.

However, you're more than welcome to contact me any time at my email address which is listed in the side bar, theinsidedope at gmail dot com, as is anyone else.

At 9/18/2006 8:41 PM, Anonymous appreciativetaxpayer said...

I don't know if anyone else noticed but I think we owe a big thanks to Senator Jacobbs. I was just informed that he got a grant for a middle school in East Moline for blinds in every single classroom. I drove by to check it out. It looks wonderful! Really a great facelift for the school. kudos to Jacobs on a job well done. Thanks for giving back to the community! They were very needed.

At 9/19/2006 2:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's quite a fantastic and massive achievement by a State Senator.

But what about the money Big Mike promised he'd get from the state for the City of Orion to fix their ball diamond which is in sore need of repair?

The city moved forward based on Jacobs' word and the project is already scheduled and contracts are signed.

Then "Big Mike" tells the city last week, um, sorry, there must have been some misunderstanding, there's no money for you after all.

Now the town is going to have to choke down around $35 or $40,000 due to Jacobs breaking a promise and leaving the city of Orion holding the bag.

What's up with that?

At 9/23/2006 4:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah....because a ball diamond is what needs repair. Get some grass seed. That'll fix it for ya. I don't what type of a ball diamond takes 35,000 to 40,000 dollars to fix up...are the bases GOLD????

I personally am glad that money went to better use i'm sure!

EDUCATION FIRST....Those blinds Senator Jacobs helped with will cut down on the electricity bill saving taxpayers money, but most importantly will provide a better learning environment by blocking out distractions!

I want to personal thank the man for doing what was long over due

At 10/02/2006 6:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This Beals and his wacky views. First he reported that he was Pro-Life. Now he has come out as Pro-Abortion. I feel that the people on these blogs have changed his mind for him. He is truely wishy washy.

At 10/21/2006 11:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is great to see these two men running clean above board transparent campaigns. all the other races are in the gutter. It is nice to see a race based on issues. Keep up the good work gentlemen.

At 10/29/2006 5:20 PM, Blogger Real Deal said...

Blinds for Schools or Bases for Ballpark does every request get a personal response from the Senator! Lets stick with the Big Picture - JOBS FOR QUAD CITIES!

At 10/29/2006 9:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Real deal, why are you so quick to start throwing mud at Senator Jacobs for helping our youth. To say that these children at East Moline schools don't deserve to have blinds in their schools and have to fight the sun all day in the classroom is not very understanding. Why are you against these things. Sen Jacobs and Beals are trying to run a positive issues oriented campaign and to start with the mud throwing like Boland and Haring have done is bad. Beals and Jacobs should be commended for their positive ways. I would appreciate it if you would quit throwing mud and learn to be more positivelike Beals and Jacobs.

I hope that this post finds you well.

Good night and God Bless.

At 10/30/2006 5:58 AM, Anonymous Whoopdedoo said...

I "helped our youth" today too. I bought a few kids baseball hats to keep the sun out of their eyes.

I should be in the senate.

At 10/31/2006 7:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that it is very nice of you like Mike Jacobs to help the youth of our country. Keep up the good work.

At 11/01/2006 1:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To clear up Beals' stance on abortion he has gained the endorsement of the Illinois Federation Right to Life PAC

At 11/02/2006 10:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am suprised that Illinois Federation Right to Life PAC has decided that it is OK to have abortions on demand as Beals is for for girls 18 and under. I thought they were for pro-life all the way not just for older people's unborn fetus.
From the fourm that I saw at the Moline library where Beals told of having unprotected premarital sex with a friend and getting her pregnant. He stated that she had an abortion and that is why he is Pro-Life for adults.

It sounded like he should be for fathers rights.

At 11/20/2006 9:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jacobs beat Boland for the appointment to the Senate. Then Jacobs beat Rumler and then Beals.

Who do you think is next?

At 11/21/2006 1:48 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

Jacobs beats himself.


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