June 25, 2006

Impending Rock Island County Public Defender vacancy up for grabs

Mr. Meersman, who was defeated in a four-way race for a judge seat in 2000, is the only candidate for the circuit judge position that will become open in December, when Judge James T. Teros' six-year term expires. Judge Teros has announced he will retire then.

That leaves replacing Mr. Meersman as public defender -- a job he's held since 1989 -- up to the 12 circuit judges.

Heightened interest is expected in the position now that the county board has approved hiking the salary for the position from the current $95,400 a year to 90 percent of the state's attorney's salary, which is about $147,000. The state pays two-thirds of the salary and the county pays the rest.

"With the new pay level, a lot more people are going to be attracted to the position," Mr. Meersman said. "Not only the pay increase, it's also the insurance."

Hmmmmm. A 35% pay hike. That should appeal to someone. But who?


At 6/26/2006 2:01 PM, Blogger DookOfURL said...

As always, the lawyers who can't make it in private practice will be drawn to the "safe" taxpayer financed paycheck and bennies that judges, public defenders, states attorneys, etc. receive. Tom Kilbride being the most obvious example.

And this, from the D/A article, was just hilarious: "Mr. Meersman, who was defeated in four-wayrace for a judge seat in 2000, is the only candidate for the circuit judge position..." It reminds me of that feature Channel 4 used to have that had video of local t-ball, soccer, basketball, etc. with pre-schoolers, and at the end, they reminded everyone that the score didn't count because "everyone's a winner".

So true. If you're politically connected in RICO, just wait your turn and you'll be a "winner" too!


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