March 22, 2006

Reader Predictions

Here's the general results of the reader predictions. Thought I'd drag them up here to the top.

As soon as district wide results are finalized, I'll announce our exalted Grand Dope Swami for this election (unless of course it's "anonymous" in which case it's kind of meaningless.)

I would note though, that going by R.I. Country results alone, reader "UnionD" would have been the closest predictor on not one, not two, but three out of the four candidates totals in the Rumler/Jacobs and Huff/Grchan contests. ("anonymous" got closest for Grchan) Outstanding, "UnionD"!

The stats below will allow you to see how well candidates did against the collective wisdom of The Dope's learned and esteemed readers.

Predictions and their ranges from lowest prediction to highest, their median and average are:

State Senate- (25 predictions)

Jacobs 40-65
55 median
53.6 avg.
ACTUAL: 55.98%

Rumler 35-60
45 median
46.32 avg.
ACTUAL: 44.02%

R.I. County Sheriff - (22 predictions)

Grchan 40-73
52.5 median
51.64 avg.
ACTUAL: 48.91%

Huff 28.9-60
47.5 median
48.13 avg.
ACTUAL: 51.01%

3rd Dist. Appellate Judge - (8 predictions)

Peterson 28-52
40 median
40.25 avg.

Wright 33-42
39 median
38 avg.

O'Neal 12-30
19.5 median
21.75 avg.

Gov - (4 predictions)
Blago 65-69
Eisendrath 31-35

Only two predictions on the Republican 17th district race, both with Mowen barely edging out Zinga and leaving Gilligan still stranded on the island.

And if there's any justice, none of the readers who foolishly left their predictions under "anonymous" will be anywhere near correct.


At 3/22/2006 6:21 PM, Anonymous UnionD said...

Thanks for the Kudo's on my predictions for the Jacobs/Rumler race and the Huff/Grchan race. I figured there might be more write in votes than there were so that is why I missed on the Grchan figures. It was an exciting win for the Rock Island County Sheriff's department. Hopefully the morale and unity and labor/mgmt relations will improve with Huff.


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