January 22, 2006

"Ten Words" challenge

I recently received the following sent by Iowa Gov. Vilsack, which says in part,
Dear Friend,

As governor of Iowa, I have seen that Americans uniting as a strong community is the most effective way to approach our country's problems.

So when I started to examine the Democratic Party's message, I didn't want to ask a few people -- I wanted to ask a community who have worked hard for candidates and campaigns, what they think about the Democratic Party's message.

We have launched a new website dedicated to having a discussion about the Democratic Party's message. We have hundreds of ten word submissions--but we need many more, so we can have the discussion that this topic deserves:


The idea for OurTenWords.com came in August of 2005, from a member of our online community at HeartlandPAC.org--Michael Faris.

He wrote: "I'm going to dwell on my own ten words, and I hope that every progressive and Democrat in this country does, too. Not what they think people want to hear, but those actual ten words that mean something, that show the change that people actually want."
A very interesting challenge. I hope many of you might give this some thought and submit them to Heartland PAC.

This you can do it? (My saying anything in ten words would be an amazing feat.) The results should be very insteresting.

Look over what others have submitted at ourtenwords.com and then give it your best. Share your "Ten Words" with us here as well.


At 1/22/2006 6:54 PM, Anonymous take it back said...

Personal liberty, freedom, rational foreign policy, political reform, economic justice.

At 1/23/2006 7:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Makes a lot more sense than Blago's "testiclular fortitude" comment....


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