January 22, 2006

Obama on Meet the Press

Wunderkind Barack Obama is to appear on Meet the Press, which airs later this morning at 8:00 a.m. on KWQC.

Obama has appeared with Senate and House minority leaders Reid and Pelosi recently to highlight the rampant corruption in the Republican party.

I only hope like hell that Obama doesn't cave and explains clearly that Abramoff gave not one dime to any Democrats. Indian Tribes which he lobbied for made donations of their own volition to many Dems, but much less after Abramoff got involved in their affairs and started systematically ripping them off.

The donations of Indian tribes to politicians has nothing to do with Abromoff or the corruption involved.

Note: An alert Dopester noticed this write up on Obama's role on the issue of ethics reform in the Sun-Times.

Did you catch Obama's appearance? What did you think?


At 1/23/2006 9:19 PM, Blogger EAPrez said...

I LOVE BO. I think he's hot. That's the silly female side of me. He's disappointed me in a few votes that I thought were not in support of the middle class but he's a smart man.

What was very curious about his appearance on MTP was Tim Russert asking him about Belafonte's comments about the president. HUH? Why did he ask him that? Because he's black? Like BO is responsible for the opinions of another fair skinned black man...or they are all on the same wave length or something. Out of line Tim!


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