December 14, 2005

Who do you think should be "Democrat of the Year"?

"Ellen of the Tenth" is running a "Democrat of the Year" poll and is soliciting votes and nominations. She's to announce the winners this Friday.

She explains the contest in this post, and lists the nominees to date in posts above it, here, and here.

Go visit Ellen and put in your nominations or choices.

And on the subject of polls, the "Quad Cities Newsbabe of the Year" poll was less than a rousing success, as are most things which depend on participation by readers.
At any rate, thanks to a few game and helpful participants, there actually was a clear winner.

Julie Sisk of WQAD took the coveted honor with a whopping 3 votes, which put her clearly in the lead. Ms. Sisk can hold her head just a little higher now. Enjoy your reign!

Wracking up two votes a piece were WQAD's Barbara Dawson, and WHBF's Meredith Wood, and drawing a respectable single vote were WQAD's Kelly Hessedal, Chris Minor, and Vanessa Van Hyfte, WHBF's Nicol Lally, KWQC's Paula Sands and Abby Ross, and KLJB's Libby Allison. Also getting a vote was KWQC weather reporter Teresa Bryant.

Thanks to those who participated.


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