December 14, 2005

The Inside Dope: Hon. Vicki Wright Discussion

The Inside Dope: Hon. Vicki Wright Discussion: "I'm sure this isn't going to be read for a while, since there hasn't been much comment recently in this thread, but I have to object to a characterization in the above post by "swoosh".

To imply that Sen. Jacobs and Judge Peterson were somehow callous to the fallout from Katrina is inappropriate, and is a cheap shot. The reality for anyone who is involved in politics, or any field involving significant travelling, is that events sometimes must go on, despite outside, often terrible, circumstances. There are only so many days on a calendar, and given the size of the 3rd Appellate District, I imagine it is not easy to coordinate.

Further, I doubt that the public was deprived of coverage of Katrina, I know I followed it closely, and it would be detrimental to the public if they were eprived the opportunity to get the information on the endorsements.

Again, just a call for civility."

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