October 27, 2005

NO Doubt About It, White Sox 2005 World Champions

Far be it for The Dope to inject politics into a sporting contest, but... The solid blue state working class team handed the Bush-loving red state team's their asses! OH! That's gotta hurt. And right in front of Babs "Let Them Eat Cake" and Poppy Bush. Choke on it, Texas. There, I've gotten that out of my system.

The SOX played like losing was simply not an option. What a solid, gutty, amazingly skilled team. From a die-hard Cub fan.... ALL HAIL THE SOX!!!! Thanks for beating the Texans like a rented mule.

After reading all kinds of touching emotional and heartfelt messages from Sox Fans at the White Sox Interactive World Series post game thread with many grizzled Sox fans confessing to shedding tears of joy over their guys, I came across this from a young female Sox fan:

"Screw all you guys that CRIED. I BARFED!!! Chunks of joy..."

Her website explains, "How did I celebrate the Sox winning the WS? By barfing...Yes. I screamed, cried, and then ran upstairs and barfed because of happiness."

Now that's a White Sox fan!


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