October 27, 2005

How the Moline Council voted on automated garbage collection

Dick Potter, 4th Ward
Phone: (309) 764-7213e-mail: dpotter@moline.il.us

Bill Adams, 5th Ward
Phone: (309) 762-1811e-mail: badams@moline.il.us

Mike Crotty 6th Ward
Phone: (563) 529-1916(309) 755-1101 ext. 223 (work)e-mail: mcrotty@moline.il.us

Dorothy Armstrong, 7th Ward
Phone: (309) 762-0256email: darmstrong@moline.il.us

Alds. Arcilia Dominguez, 1st Ward
Phone: (309) 757-1296(309) 736-3646 (Floreciente Off.)e-mail: adominguez@moline.il.us

Michael Carton, 2nd Ward
Phone: (309) 912-3552e-mail: mcarton@moline.il.usAOL Instant Messenger: MichaelTCartonWeb Site address:

Scott Raes, 3rd Ward
Phone: (309) 762-6103e-mail: sraes@moline.il.us

Kent Breecher, At-Large
Phone: (309) 762-1062e-mail: kbreecher@moline.il.us

Home addresses found in post below.

On a related note, Davenport is currenty considering whether to institute automated trash collection, and a Times editorial thinks the idea is just peachy.


At 10/27/2005 12:47 PM, Blogger maybesomeday said...

There is no real savings in this move and it's yet another desperation attempt to keep out of the red. Moline did not need that expensive library building and that is driving a lot of the costs - with added staff needed at the new big building we did not need.

There was a small vocal minority, mostly Library Board members who wanted that darn expensive building and were willing to put our grandkids in hock to make themselves look good. I saw reports in the paper of numerous studies that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to try and justify the costs......

Now they have to pay the piper for their big mistake... What a mess.

So now we want to add a new utility tax? To further burden our seniors on fixed income just when the cost of heating a house is going up? Makes no sense to me.

We need Pat O'Brien back on the Council to talk some common sense again... the group is lost without him and the new mayor is a joke!!


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