October 22, 2005

¡Hey gente! ¡Hay un gran restaurante mejicano nuevo en Moline céntrico!

...and it's called "La Flama". I enjoyed a Mexican feast there the other night and highly recommend it. It's located in the old Josephson's Jewelry store in downtown Moline and they've retained the old tile floor, which is nice touch.

They offer home made tortilla chips and homemade salsa at the table and it's delicious. The menu is varied and allows a lot of choice. You can mix and match various Mexican standards to create your own meal, as well as being offered several choices of fillings. The menu also includes dishes not normally found at lesser Mexican places. The food isn't standard americanized Mexican either, but very well prepared and quality dishes. And the prices are very reasonable to boot.

They also offer a variety of Mexican cerveza as well as top-shelf tequilas for those who enjoy a cocktail or two with their meal.

It's a bit hard to spot, as it occupies a narrow portion on the west side of it's building and the other side is dominated by a new sports bar, apparently. There's parking in back along the alley and the entrance door is just around the corner on the west side of the building near the bank drive-thrus.

It's really a thrill to have a good restaurant in downtown Moline where you can get a good meal without having to make a bank withdrawal to pay for it. Business appears to be good, and I wish La Flama success. It's taken Moline about 15 years, but as the numerous bars and restaurants come and go and the popular ones start to stick, they just might succeed after all.

La Flama Restaurant
1514 5th Avenue, Moline
Phone: (309) 797-3756

Note: The Dope has no affiliation with La Flama. Not being able to weasel a free dinner for a mention is one downside to anonymity.


At 10/22/2005 7:41 AM, Blogger Dave Barrett said...

I love La Flama and the only reason I don't go more often is that parking can be difficult during the day.

At 10/22/2005 8:11 AM, Blogger indy said...

La Flama is the best. I have enjoyed it often since it opened. We talked to some friends who tried to go there for dinner recently and it was packed so they were forced to walk down the street to another location for dinner....

Sounds like the family running the place knows exactly what they are doing. They do a fun birthday thing there where they grab a group of wait staff with sombreros and sing to you, and if you are of age, bring you a shot of tequilla for your enjoyment on the house!


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