September 5, 2005

Bernie Kerik

The always astute Roger Ailes (not that one) raises a chilling fact.

If Bush had had his way, Bernard Kerik would have been in charge of federal response to Hurricane Katrina. Remember him?

Bush felt he was the very best guy to be in charge of this nation's security and national emergencies.

Bernie was the guy who used an apartment near Ground Zero in Manhattan donated as a place for emergency response personnel to rest and recouperate to carry on his affairs with a prominent book agent and a corrections officer. Then there was that matter of his hiring illegal imigrants and not paying taxes, his ties to organized crime, an outstanding arrest warrent for unpaid bills, and financial illegalities due to his involvement in companies like Taser.

How sad is it that the best that the American people and the world can hope for are the very rare instances where Bush and his conservative bosses aren't able to do what they want?


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