August 16, 2005

Bass Street concrete to be unveiled

The much touted Bass Street Landing in Moline is going to be unveiled at a ceremony Wednesday evening. The landing is a smallish patch of concrete with facilities to stage a band, a few benches, and decorative lighting. It will be the only place available for outdoor festivities within the development area near the river.

Where there once was an entire park, complete with pond and gazebo, there will now likely be condos instead, with Bass Street Landing being the only public space set aside, other than the bike path.

As you can tell, I'm pretty dubious about this project and it's future. I don't think it will be utilized much and is only a little design tid-bit that was thrown in in order to at least have some sort of public space in the plan.

It's not a bad little space, and it does have potential, so come on down and celebrate this addition to downtown Moline and be the judge for yourself.

Moline's new Bass Street Landing plaza will be unveiled to the public on Wednesday.

To celebrate the completion of phase one of construction, a public event will be held from 7 - 9 p.m. at the new plaza at 17th Street and River Drive.

The free celebration includes a ribbon cutting at 7 p.m., live music, a historical presentation, dedication and lighting of the plaza at dusk, and an open house of RiverStation.

Free Park & Ride service will be available. Attendees may park at The Mark of the Quad Cities and ride the trolley or walk the bike path behind the Mark to Bass Street Landing.

The event is being sponsored by the city, Renew Moline, Moline Centre Partners, and neighbors of Bass Street Landing.


At 8/17/2005 9:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well Mike Jacobs did not go to Democrat days today - he was at the Moline Bass Street event!

Maybe he's a republican? Could it be?? Why was he not at the Dem party deal at the fair? He just can't bring himself to help anyone else out can he? And the alure of the Republican's shindig tonight was just too tempting.

Mike just file as a Repubican and admit who you are....


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