May 28, 2005

Zinga gets same Evans bashing letter published in Dispatch

As I posted about here, Andrea Zinga got a letter to the editor published in the Q.C. Times in which she attempted to lay all blame for Arsenal job losses at the feet of Lane Evans with rather uninformed and dubious arguments.

Apparently feeling it was just too good to pass up, the Dispatch today features the exact same letter prominently below their masthead in their "Views from the QCA" column on the editorial page.


At 5/29/2005 8:22 AM, Blogger maybesomeday said...

The Dispatch is up to it again trying to help Zinga beat Lane Evans.

Well I have news for them and for Zinga. Her weak arguements don't hold up and she is just plain pathetic, and few educated voters will listen to her. She is an empty headed mean spirited person who insults our intellegence with her campaign platform and it looks like she will be on the road again with her nasty comments soon.

This is further proof that the Dispatch will publish the most bizzare items in high profile and that they do not hold any journalistic integrity.

By the way Dope, did anyone attend the Dispatch's little wine and cheese wooing forum in April where they wanted to see if the local readers "trusted" them and their reporting? I'd love to know if they made or failed the grade and got lashed around a bit or not.

Remember that forum event was fresh off the heels of the Municipal elections where it sure appeared that the management of the Dispatch was in cahoots with the Republican candidate for Mayor, having their reporter write stories weighed heavily in favor of the Republican candidate and even timed to publish at the same time as the Republican mailers hit the doors in Moline. Then they allowed scuzzy folks like Roger Claussen to pay for a bogus and inaccurate nasty insert in their rag of a paper on the last day of the election cycle and even making sure it hit only homes that could vote in the Mayor race?? Remember all that?

Well, I'd like to know what their crystal ball and their consultants are telling them? Maybe the Dispatch heard what they hoped to at the forum-- so then they want to continue the reporting mold they are in now and try and help out the Republican running for Congress.....

Anyone attend the little forum in April? If so, what happened? You can write here and no one knows who you are so please share with us!!


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