May 27, 2005

Slow news day

It appears that there's not a hell of a lot going on, unless you count the tragic suicide of a lovestruck young man in Davenport and the fact that the guy easily took an officers's gun and squad car before using the cop's gun on himself. That's not exactly political, just sad on many levels.

The bill fixing a technical glitch that was threatening to hold up the move of Casino R.I. passed the Senate and Sen. Jacobs was excited about the first bill with his name on it to pass. The Gov has already said he'd sign it, so goodbye wetlands, hello gamblers, goodbye herons, snakes, fish, and other critters, hello earthmovers, cement trucks, and sprawling parking lots. Goodbye dark, peaceful and mysterious nature, hello bright lights, C-list bands, drunken patrons, and clanging slot machines.


At 5/28/2005 7:33 AM, Blogger maybesomeday said...

Amen Dope on the loss of our wetlands...

How come the Jacobs lovers aren't commenting? Perhaps they are afraid that Mike Jacobs may be put in a bad light over this type of controversy.

The Jacobs loving crowd is hoping that the only thing people remember is the jobs jobs jobs - heck with our future of the land for our grandkids - and don't look too far ahead now!

So sad isn't it?

At 5/28/2005 7:36 AM, Blogger maybesomeday said...

Yes Dope, the tragic shooting at the movies is sad. But even more sad is the way our Davenport Leaders seem puzzled about the violence in their town and what to do in addressing the problem?

The Police Chief and the Mayor need to get a dialogue going soon over this stuff. It's making Davenport look bad despite the new grand buildings going up in their downtown to the tune of millions of dollars.

Perhaps they need an overall view of the city of Davenport and less focus on downtown for a while?


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